Does anyone know the name of that classical song that newcasle united go on the pitch too?

thers a classical song that nufc go on to there home ground pitch to when they come on for the first time its a bit weird and it sounds to me like its off the omen or physco or summink like that let me know if you do cheers


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Yes, Good Luck. Thank you for your time.

Answered By: Fares Al-Sagri


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Wake me up before you Go Go by Wham! hahaha Man U Rules!

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Apparently it's O Fortuna by Carl Orff. Means nothing to me, but I'll look out for it in future

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Its Local Hero by Mark Knoffler

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It's called 'Local Hero' - an instrumental song composed and played by Dire Sraits's Mark Knopfler. It was also in a movie of the same name in the 1980's.

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O Fortuna is correct. Was the Old Spice music in the 1970's.
Local Hero is hardly classical is it now? It is played as well though.?

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Is it here *** da losers

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The classicial song is "O Fortuna", from the vocal peice "Carmina Burana" written by Carl Orff :

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Local hero by Mark Knopfler,

I think it was written for a film of the same name - not psycho or the omen

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hmm on top of local hero not quite being a classical song, i'm gonna trust the season ticket-holder on this one.

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