12 scottish players signed by alex ferguson for manchester united?


Invasion of Manchester??

This is annoying me now.

Brian McLair
Jim Leighton
Andy Goram
Michael Stewart
Darren Fletcher
Ralp Milne
Darren Ferguson
Alex Notman
Colin McKee

Can't find the other two (strachan wasn't signed by Ferguson)

(David Gray currently a reserve player)
Paul McShane (born in Scotland but is Irish nationality)

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when u are having a laugh scotland play football haha

Really dull and boring Premiership football?

0 players

Are the EPL and La Liga officials doing anyhthing to stop the diving?

Darren Fletcher, miller, gordon strachan, thats 3 which is 1 and 2 which is 12

What is the song played when Middlesbrough FC score a goal at the Riverside Stadium?

Well, if you know feel free to tell everyone coz I can only think of a couple.

Soccer season?

what are you talkin about?... we currently have only one Darren Fletcher....but other Scottish players at United have included Denis Law, Joe Jordan, Arthur Albiston, Gordon Strachan, Paddy Crerand, Gordon McQueen Alex Forsyth, Martin Buchan, Lou Macari, George Graham and Willie Morgan and Brian McClair. In 1973 United fielded 8 Scottish internationals against West Ham. However not all in Fergies time for sure..

Henry goal celebration?

brian mclair.
darren fletcher.
cant think of anymore he signed
we had lots over the years tho...

Soccer Serbia vs Egypt??

shut it you two^

i know one is darren fletcher (obv.)

Is liam miller irish? if not, then him.

Why do Tottenham charge so much for a ticket in there away end?

Brain McClair
Jim Leighton
Gordon Strachan
Ralf Milne
Darren Fletcher

not sure if his son was a player at the club but his brother is as a scout does that count?

What do you think about Serbian Nemanja Vidic-Manchester United ?

brian mclair, gordon strachan, darren fletcher struggling for more

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Eric McCantona?

Can england win there game tommrrow?

Graeme Hogg
Gordon Strachan
Brian McClair
Darren Fletcher

Are Liverpool flying to London tomorrow, or did they arrive today?

there is no way there is 12...if there is please tell us!
only ones i can think of are.
Darren Fletcher
Brian McClair
Jim Leighton
Ralph Milne
Darren Ferguson
Andy Goram (no one remembered him!)

He didn't sign Strachan or Hogg

Can Argentina cope without influencial midfielder Riquelme?

Best can come up with
Brian mclair

Darren Fletcher

Gordon strachan

Jim Leighton

Darren Ferguson

Michael stewart

Ralph Milne

Andy goram (born in bury) played for Scotland

two former players

Archie Knox ( former assistant manager)

Ricky sbragia (former reserve team manager)

Do you think who is the best football player in his best time?

Darren Fletcher and Brian McClair are the only two that started on United under Alex Ferguson.

Who is the best defender?

I could only think of Darren Fletcher in the current team!

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