A big mistake for Beckham to move to L.A? who wants to watch soccer in U.S?

Should have stayed in europe


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Some of us Brits who live here want to watch soccer in the US. I am glad he is coming over here as it will raise awareness of the game. Even over here, everyone knows who Beckham is

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Maybe this is his retirement plan.

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This could have the "Pele" affect. Pele made soccer very popular in the US back in the 70's. Beckham is nowhere as talented as many players outh there now, but he is popular and that could bring interest back. I think it would be great for that reason to have him here.

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He's trying to go out in style, which unfortunately means that he's just going to play in a worse league to make himself look better.

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No he is almost done and why not get paid a bunch of money by a US team and on top of that help your wife get famous again in LA or NY where she will fit in with all the other celeberties. Beckham is helping his family by moving to the US so more and more money can be made. Only haters would disagree.

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Here it is from an American prospective:

This isn't a mistake from David Beckham's point of view. He is going to make $250 million over 5 years! This is $50 million per year! How is that a mistake? I wished I could make mistakes like that. It would be a mistake on Becks part if he turned down the money unless someone else was offering him more money.

If anyone made the mistake, it was the ownership of the LA Galaxy. I sure hope they know something I don't and can cover the contract. He better be able to do for the MLS what Pele did for the old North American Soccer league in the 70's. Otherwise this could be a financial disaster of epic proportions for the league. They do know that they own a soccer team in the US don't they? LOL

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