How come southend utd can beat man utd & lose to an offside goal against spurs but still be mocked?


Penalty shootouts?

i dont mock southend.when we had that minutes silence at LR for the young qpr player who died, i recall the southend fans started applauding which went right round the ground so i have a lot of time for the southend fans and club.gonna be a good game on sky on the 9th of feb,a real six pointer.looking forward to giving you boys a pasting.good luck for the season

Arsenal in need of a new striker?

thats football for ye.
if they go back to league 1 beating man utd this season will mean nothing, and lets be honest about this, they beat a very under strength side, just.

Should ManUnited sign Owen?

I would not mock them becasue I didn't know about it

IS ronaldo #1 u rate him?

breeding shows.finesse you see is different from flash.
at least when u r suffering in the dark that will be the 1 solace.
but we did beat man utd.Who cares?
Man Utd for life.

Why does Man United lose supposedly easy games?

Football fans can only remember as far back as the last result. Past results mean nothing if the current result is a loss

Who should be Englands starting 11?

Because that's the way us football fans are, we are there when someone is in the * and laughing, and not giving out enough praise to clubs when they are going well.

When lionel messi well recover from his ingury?

Man utd lost and tats what the most important thing is..

How can i head a soccer ball?! i am always scared and chest it or stop it first.?

Chelsea Lost, Arsenal have lost, every club has lost.

But who is itleast 1 win in front?

I SUPPORT UNITED, AND I HATE IN ORDER CHELSKI,POOL,ARSENAL,& then shity. stalker is this what you want ?

thats life

Do you think Barca, Milan, and Lille will destroy british hopes?

If you were in the higher leagues or doing better in your own division maybe south end would have more credibility and it wouldn't happen. Maybe people see it as 'every dog has its day.'
But your right congrats for your triumph over manu and you never no you might meet spurs again soon!

Has anyone heard about the rumour that Alan Pardew was sleeping with one of the West Ham player's wives ?

Who's mocking you? Im a spurs fan and your lot took us all the way and to be honest you were nothing more than unlucky with a decision... I know one thing. I don't want to have to meet you in the next round of the FA cup!

How many games do you have to be involved in ie sub or player to win a premier league winners medal.?

man u fielded a good team against southend,,and they played very well that night,,,i was proud of them,,,well done

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