"Beckham have always live in glam life so it surely suits him playing in the America" Agree with this quote?

Recently, Sir Bobby Charlton share his comments on David Beckham departure to the LA Galaxy as in above qoute. The same man express a disappointment in Beck's decision as he believes that there still more talent in Beckham and it will be a waste for him to throw it away by going to LA Galaxy. Yet he bitterly state that Beckham "have always into glam life as a soccer player so he will not face any problems of fit into that kind of soccer".


What time and day will the uefa cl final take place?

Beckham's move to "La-La Land" has nothing to do with football; it has everything to do with Beckham's career AFTER football.

I don't think too many people know what a blow it was to him losing in the World Cup and resigning as England's captain. He knows his glory days are behind him, and he has to prepare for a second career. His wife Victoria wants to get her fashion line off the ground, and Beckham wants to transition into the world of modeling, and possibly acting.

They make the perfect "Hollywood couple" and are doing this to make useful connection in the American media world. Charlton is right. The La Galaxy are a joke, and everyone knows it. That's why the move cannot be interpreted as anything but a transition to a life after football.

Cheers, mate.

Who feels for sheff utd?

no offence love but stick to netball!! beckham will never leave man u cuz he loves our club!

Can anyone tell me how much a championship footballer earns each week?

He needs to stay home.

4 - 2 not 42...6 in 66.?

When you say Beckam say Victoria and she is the main glam squad. She will set the fashion world on fire with her new line that is comng out. Cruises probably will have them in Scientology as well. Remember Kathy got the idea for a castle from Victoria's Scottish Castle wedding and she helped Kathy will picking a dress. You will see movies deals and probably some going to Tom Cruise and company. This is not a mistake. Oh! and don't be surprise that you are wartching Soccer on Sunday evening instead of football. NFL better gets some guarantees for their players or thier kickers will be playing soccer instead for real guaranteed money.

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I was not aware that life in America is glamorous.

Beckham will stand out by being more intelligent that the local populace, however.

Crouch isnt a good footballer?

Beckham is not anymore a world class player, the English team didn't call him, he had some glory days, but more recently he has become mor know for being a metro-sexual than for being a good soccer player. I think bringing Beckham to USA, is more a marketing strategy. In the 70s, Pele was brought to the USA, to make soccer more popular, but American audiences didn't like it.
Besides he is aging, so accepting the LA deal, is a good idea to slow down his career, cause in the future he wont be able to keep up with European soccer standards

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Dont you think the soccer World Cup should be held every 2 years instead of 4? Fans like myself would like it.

many yares that backham is not fottballist he is like a hollywood celebrity so its time to go home

To all Liverpool fans!!?

who cares his wife look sick and he's begging too.

Rank the Liverpool strikers?

I agree with the quote absolutely. Beckham has nothing to give to the European football, so time to make money.

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