All you people complaining about C. Ronaldo, where is Kaka today?

Question:A lot of people say that Ronaldo does not perform in big games but has Kaka been performing tonight? C. ronaldo is relatively young and has a lot to learn but I expected a lot more from Kaka!I'm not doubting the quality of either but it speaks a lot of the character of a team that can shut either down!

Glory Glory utd!


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I agree with the point you are making and was thinking the same thing myself during the match. He and Ronaldo are both huge talents, no denying that but Kaka was made quite ineffective. Yes Milan won but the score was no indication of the match really and I feel Liverpool were the better side overall. He struggled to keep up with the pace Liverpool set especially in the first half. Ronaldo can make space, Kaka is good when he has space. Different players and positions but yeah I was surprised. I don't think he had all that much impact overall.

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shut up who is winnig the champions league ac milan

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Kaka played far better against Man U but then again, in the first leg of the semi he was up against a makeshift defense and in the 2nd leg he was playing against a couple of centre backs just returning from injury.

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kaka was shut out... but hey, it means the opponents marked him because he was a threat...

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