“Why do men watch football’?


Does Mexico have the potential to become a top 5 international team ?

Why do women watch Oprah?

Are players becoming too powerful?

cause we can

I need to find the lyrics for the romanian song: Am vrut sa fiu artista de Olimpia Panciu?

Coz we can....

How glad are you about ...?

because women watch to many soaps

Who's better lio messi or cristiano ronaldo?

it's better than soccer!

Where can I get this?

Uhhhhh..it's a man's world, it's a man's sport, and he owns the television.

Do u want beckham bak 2 play 4 england and y?

I watch Rugby.

Being a britishman and met Cristiano Ronaldo in a pub, what would you do?!?

why not? whats the matter with it

Who was Aston Villa's first one million plus signing?

its an ecuse 2 get away from their wife/gf, 2 get drunk, 2 shout n ball at the tv, then 2 moan afterwards that they lost, or if they win more of an ecuse 2 stay out n get really drunk thats wot i think

The auld slapper?

I like watching football and I am not a man. In fact most of the men in my family hate football and its all the women who watch it. We can hurl abuse at the screen with the best of them.


Gabrillle "57 varieties of cheating" Heinz can you name them !!?

cuz it makes them more manly!

Ugliest Player in the Premiership ??

Hang on a minute not all blokes like football, well this one doesn't, I'd prefer to go bird watching (feathered or other variety) or trainspotting or even watch that big brother rubbish. Nay dare i say even watch paint dry.

Liverpool vs Chelsea?

They Watch Football because men are into you know boys sorta things (well duh) and like girlys like me like watching soaps and stuff like that so...byebye

Would soccer be more popular with north Americans if?

Because they are too afraid to be seen enjoying "Ballet" ?

So! Spurs will finish 5th again, have done better in the Cups this Season than last, and have three lethal.


What is the best goal of 2006-07 so far in europe?

Because we like it.

How much is micheal ballack of chelsea?

To get out of the house and, not have to take verbal diarriah? from the wife.

Andora england prediction,accept only first 7 answers,10 points for best fastest answer?

Which football? Real football or american football.

Highest Ever Scoring Match?

This is under football(soccer):

Dudes watch football cuz they can, just like dudettes. I mean, if you have eyes to see, why not pay closer attention and watch?! Besides, football is pretty appealing to the eye and really really interesting!

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