A question for Chelski fans... We'll see how many True fans out there?

Name 3 players (any 3 will do) that played for them in the 1994 FA cup final when they were battered 4-0 by Man Utd


Wat is everybody doing right now?

Good Question you certainly stirred monkey nuts up who really should have read the other answers before she wrote hers, it would have stopped her looking like a silly chelski fan of 15 years. Oh and just for the record Mark Hughes was playing Football for Manchester United until 1995 when he joined chelski, He is asking about the 1994 F.A.CUP.

Does anybody fancy chelsea 9/2 to win the premiership, are you disgusted at kalou for diving last night?

Chelski? I got nothing.

Do anyone know a site where i can watch free football on the net?

well obviously not you if you cant spell chelsea!!

I am a soccer player. i am not really fast at all. What should i do to increase my speed? please help?

u wont get much anwsers to this question cos there are very few true chelsea fans
i'm a man u fan

How much has jose morinho spent since arriving at stamford bridge on player purchses?

dimitri kharine, dennis wise, mark stein and i support man utd.

How many..?

MANCHESTER UNITED: Schmeichel, Parker, Irwin (Sharpe), Pallister, Bruce, Giggs, Ince, Keane, Hughes(69 scored), Cantona (61, 67 scored), Kanchelskis (McClair 90 scored)

CHELSEA: Kharine, Clarke, Newton, Kjeldbjerg, Johnsen, Sinclair, Spencer, Burley (Hoddle) Stein (Cascarino), Peacock, Wise

But i'm not Chelsea or ManU fan... I'm just Footbal fan and almost every real football fan knows that.

Does anyone know any german football / soccer chants?

NOT THAT I HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF but Im sick of this everyone that dosn't know me assumes coz I wear the new Chelsea top Im a new fan, which Im not!

Im 23 and have supported Chelsea for 15 years. But just for you..

Denis Wise, Gavin Peacock, Frank Sinclair.
I may be wrong but I think also Mark Hughes.

Im assumin your a Man Utd fan, can you name 3 players from their squad from the same game??

Who else is pleased Manure are going out of Europe?

As a Man Utd fan I can name these:
Gavin Peacock
Dennis Wise
Glenn Hoddle
Eddie Newton
Tony Cascarino

Can't think of anymore.

Why did Chelsea FC choose royal blue to be their colour?

oh poor monkey nuts i feel for you cos i've had the same comment's in the past you have to let it roll off ya back.


Where can i find a list of the all time leading goals for soccer aka football?

not a chelski fan but il av a go...
de goey

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