After david beckham comes to the U.S. with his wife, will he still go back to england?


Great place to watch soccer on the internet?

He's got a house in the uk. There is this saying. "it's only a bastard who forgets where he came from"

Do guys hate it when girls say they like David Beckham/Cristiano Ronaldo?

We can only hope he does.

How Can Someone Become A Better Soccer Player?

Most likely.

R.I.P Italian Football?

i dont know we'd have to ask him now wouldnt we?

Would anyone like to see an all Britain Champion Leauge semis?

yes he will come back to england,,,he is only in america for the money,,,,,,life is better in england

Is it true Americans don't like soccer because there are no commercials every 2 min & points every 2 seconds?

After the end of his contract, perhaps.

Israel vs. England (see details)?

Who would need him anymore ? The MLS is just a retiring point for footballers.

Do u think police will find MADDIE?

If Victoria allows.

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