Which current football league team, in any of the Main stream leagues have Walsall F.C. Never played?


Do you think Spurs can still finnish top 5?

good question my gut instict would be middlesborough because they went banktrupt then changed there name. I will be really annoyed if it's an arsenal or a man u.

Fans of all clubs read this?

i dont know, but they better score soon as i have a fiver on them to win.

Are spurs a useless team getting beaten by 10 men and no keeper or are they just a useless team. ONLY 1 UNITED

i will guess spurs, come on lincoln i have 60 quid on Hartlepool to win the league.

At what time does the FA cup final start?

Carlisle United?

What is your prediction for the match between newcastle and chelsea?

why does this question keep coming up ?? i surrender tell me PLEASE.

A lot of good players end up warming benches at their respective clubs...WHY ??

the mighty tottenham hotspur??

Can someone tell me where Blackburn Rovers train?

dont care hartlepool stuck it up ya

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