After our utter humiliation over the past week, it now proves that Spurs are no longer a big Club.?

Question:..and, like the England cricket team, it's time for the excuses to stop, and for the Action to start.
Beginning with Jol getting sacked - he's a decent guy but is tactically naive, as he proved against Arsenal.
Also, unloading players like Lee, Staltieri, Ekotto, Gardner - all poor defenders who are heaping the pressure on Dawson and Robinson.
Time for Action, cos yet again, we're gonna win nothing!
Two Cups in 25 years - One via an own goal, and one a last-minute winner, just ain't good enough for a so-called Big Club.
Time to smell the coffee!!


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SPURSARE SO BAD,,,,could not beat 10 man united,,ha ha southend fan

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you could always blame it on lasagne?

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i think spurs are still a big club(english standards)dont blame them for the loss yesterday,manchester united are just too much now.jol is a good manager.he doesnt need to get sacked,spurs will pull through.(eventually)

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ok you were unlucky with the Penalty Decision on Ronaldo and even worse the Penalty you should of had when G Neville trips Chimbonda. Jol needs to have Keane and Defoe firing on all cylinders and not keep having them on the bench. Berbatov needs resting and Keane/Defoe up front. Spurs started in decline the minute you sold Carrick. This is from a MANU Fan

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Wait till Leders gets back. I think the team really miss him when he's not there.

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Sorry mate dont agree!
Jol is the best manager we have had in 10 years butr recently has made a few mistakes. Yesterday he fielded the strongest team available and we got thrashed. That was the players fault... look what he did for us last year... we have been finnishing 10th or below for the last 5-8 years and when he comes along we finnish 5th! we are going through a bad patch but i believe he will get us out starting by winnig Uefa. I hate mangers getting sacked because they hav had a bad couple of months. at the end of the day it is the players on the pitch that win games.. and at the moment our players are not doing this..

But i have faith..


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What planet are you on ? Ok we may have had a bad season could be down to many things. But to sack the baest manager we have had for many years , the same manager who got us into europe, the same manager that has assembled the makings of a great team. I do agree that Gardner Ekotto and Staltieri are not up to the standard we need. Ok we might not win anything this season but we are still in the FA Cup and of course UEFA and dont forget that we have a young squad that will improve, a squad that need to grow with the right quality of player to be able to stand in at top level in all positions.

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Lol, you say no longer a big club as if you have been a big club before ?

Anyway, can't believe I'll say this, but I agree with Supaspurs
Jol is doing good work at Spurs, you would be foolish to let him go. He's made you consistent, got you into europe, give it another seaon of europe and you'll be able to attrack bigger names yet. He's turned Spurs into a team that can play quite good attacking football at times.
Get rid of Jol and you'll be taking a big step backwards. Who do you replace him with who will take you were he hasn't yet ?
The only blight against Jol is that he didn't sign Bridge when he had the chance, a very talented left back, one position you guys have struggled with for a while now
Plus, you have a wonderful bunch of english youngsters coming through, Lennon, Dawson, Huddlestone.

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Martin Jol has done a great job for Spurs. Last season Spurs were one match away from 4th spot. This season semi-finals of the league cup, last 16 of the Uefa cup & last 16 of the FA cup. He really needs to tighten up the defence cos going forward they have great players.

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supaspurs says he is the best manager u had in 10 years,i disagree ,what has he won ,nothing,wheres the big names no where,i dont think they will ever win anything & u will struggle for a top 6 finish..good luck

stay happy

Ali Karimi just an amazing player?

Jol even admitted that they lost it when they sold Carrick to manU

im not sure if we should sack Jol, who will replace him..
if we could get Felix Magath, that would be awesome. but it wont happen.

Com on you Spurs!!

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As a fan of Man Utd and as an observor of yesterday's game (which was one of only two Spurs games I have seen this year; the other being our 1-0 win a few months ago), I say that the scoreline was harsh.

In all honesty, your team battled real well yesterday, and your first half display was good. It would have even been worse for us had King been in there, he is a quality professional.

I was impressed again by Berbatov, but he was still real wasteful with the few real chances the Spurs did have.

Either way, your first half performance was a unique one in that you completely shut us down. We didn't have time on the ball, Ronaldo was shut down, Rooney had to come deep so Larrson was isolated, Neville and Evra couldn't come forward so we lacked are true width on the pitch and worse of all, the ref was terribly.

There were two clear penalties, one of Larrson, one when Neville pulled down (blanked on the name here) in the box off that freekick. Either way, if that would have been called, or if, with a little luck, Berbatov's slow shot gone had gone in on the far post; it could have been a different story.

We came out far better in the second, and dominated the game. But, I was impressed by the first half display, thought the second was really pathetic.

It was a chippy game in the first, thought Rooney or Scholes was going to be off (how Scholes didn't get AT LEAST a yellow is perplexing), but, it was our day.

Our team got better through the game, your's got worse after the half. Even with the one goal lead in going into the second, I felt the Spurs would have every oppritunity of coming away with a result had they continued to play with the quality they had in the first. They didn't, and we started to play our game. The scoreline was harsh but the result was deserved for Man Utd.

What I think you need to do is sell Lennon to Man Utd on a swap deal for Richardson and sell Huddlestone to, well, Man Utd in a swap deal for O'Shea (he is really versatile; he can play goal you know?) Sound fair?

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spurs are over loaded in midfield with average players...i think jol needs to build a backbone to the side with, oh i dont care, i hate spurs

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