Which website do i go to if i want to contact cristiano ronaldo ?

i would be vry grateful as i would be able honour my uncle who has recently passed away. he was a fan of his and i believe that would be nice even if it was a signed card to put at his side.


Who is the best soccer player ever ?

Check his myspace:


I've been supporting Spurs since '59, and I don't ever remember a sequence like this one!!?

try 2 search 4 hiz myspace.

Who owns Javier Mascherano now?

Even if u will get his email address here it is useless coz millions of people will send him emails and he doesnt have time read all and myspace i dont think this people check there comments and messeges in myspace.

I hate it when in Football people say things like "he is a promising/great young talent. Anyone else?


For you girls : Who is the sexiest football player in the world ?

I am not sure that there is a website that will give away his personal and private life. He does not like others to know about his private life as he said before. I also want to add that I am very sorry about your uncle. I am a great fan of his also! Good Luck!!

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