A question for real football fans,Do you want Beckham back in the England squad?


When was the last time both Bristol teams made it to the 4th Round of the FA Cup?

As a Scotsman can't really say I WANT him back...but as a football fan, I would say England could certainly benefit from him returning to the squad. At the present time there is no one in the team that brings the options that Beckham does with his tremendous free-kick and accurate ball-crossing abilities. If Crouch is playing, Beckham is the perfect man to supply the high balls into the box for him.

Do you think that either liverpool, manchester united, chelsea will win the premiership this year?

Please , please take him and that Victoria back to England. Oh, pretty please!!

Who like derby county?

i think football today needs more talanted players)

Do you think Ally Mccoist as he gets older will give up his womanising ways.?

Of course yes.Tell me any one suitable replacement. Moreover when a person like Stuart Downing who is not as talented as others like Penant or Richardson is given a place because of the soft corner he has in Mclaren heart why can't Beckham get a place in the team.

What is the official rule on picking a deliberately weakened team for a soccer match?


Which player do you think was better Roberto Baggio or Del Piero?

Beckham, alright yeah we indeed needs his presence in the national team for football now adays deals with players so Beckham please bring him back.

Pompey into europe yes or no?

yes!Always looking forward to ^0^

BUT why use "real ...fans"?

u mean Beck's fans are not real football fans ??

Anyone know?

Interesting reading..

Is SkySports available in US?

i m not real fan but want becks back

Most improved player in the premier league 2006/07?

Since he has been playing pretty good lately I say sure, add him back to their player pool. England could really use him again and it looks like the fans want him back, too.

John Terry?

No, we need to plan for the future, not look back. Only the World Cup matters.

Who has scored at every domestic level from the confrence up to the premership?

I can't believe he already retired... I realise it was probably because he was sick and tired of the crap he had to endure, but he really shouldn't have left. He definitely had it in him to go for one more...

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