1976 FA cup final question Saints v Man Utd?

Question:Bobby Stokes scored the only in that game and won a car - who gave him the car - I am guessing it was the sponsors or was it someone else?

Also, have any other footballers been awarded prizes for goals?


Ashley Cole in trouble ?

Can't answer your question but another footballer who won a prize for scoring a goal was Kenny Burns who played for Birmingham City in the seventies. Someone said they would give a TR7 to the 1st Blues player to score the 6th goal in a game. If my memeory serves me well Kenny scored the 6th out of 7 that blues scroed at (i think) Leicester.

After Berkamp was retired, which match did you think Arsenal play the best?

it was a hillman avenger and in 1976 this was massive the scotland team ally's army got the same before they went to argentina 1978. ryan giggs got a mitsibishi at the world club championship in 2000 for player of the match.

there was a WBA striker whos name eludes me at the moment ended up in prison, the chairman told him if he scored 20 before christmas he would buy him a ferrari, he got 19.

Will Southend United be relegated?

Trust Thomas to know what kind of car it was....he is stato. Very knowledgable Thomas, all I can say to that is:::::: OH WHEN THE SAINTS, GO MARCHING IN, OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN.I WANNA BE.IN THAT NUMBER..OH WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN..What a goal. Lawrie McMenamy's Red and White Army. SOUTHAMPTON TRAA LAAA LAAA, SOUTHAMPTON TRAA LAAA LAAA.

Who thinks that Barcelona should give more credit to its country?

WBA player would be Lee Hughes - currently dong a stretch for causing death by dangerous driving and leaving the scene. Ginger idiot!

Liverpool are going to get samuel etoo?

Probably the sponsors, or the chairman.

I'm not sure about prizes for goals, but when Junhino got a man-of-the-match award playing for Middlesbrough some years ago, as he was under 18 he couldn't recieve a magnum of champagne, so instead he was presented with.. A MOUNTAIN BIKE!!!

I couldn't stop laughing!

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