! FIFA 07- Career Help with Juve.!!?

Question:I am in my first season in a career with Juventus on Fifa 07! I am trying to think of replacements for : Nevded and Del Piero.

Any got suggestions for the following possitions( I would like young cheap players)

- a cb- Tudor, Kovac, Legrotallie are old
- a lm- I am thinking of MG Pederson or Robben
-a st- I am thinking of Vucinic, G.Rossi

Plz HELP!!


DO you think that this goals can be done in real life?

FOR LM . wesley schneider is brilliant ...
he doesnt go very high(remailns at 82 83 ) but is absolutely solid .
robben is a good choice .
st .. there is this guy called "thiago"...just search for him ...
he comes cheap but is an awesome buy ...
also nilmar and tevez and good if u like counter attacking ...
obviously rooney and messi are the best though they may not come ...
try walcott ..
groom him and he goes up to 99 ...
get this rb called castro ..
he is brilliant and can play just about anyehere on the pich with the same level ...
again u have to groom him ...
also for a cdm ...get nigel de jong ...ultimate ..
he too can play just about anywhere ...
cb .ramos...senderos from arsenal ...terry ...
lemme know if it was helpful

What do you think the scores will be tonight?

this is my team
segio ramos lucio roberto carlos
gago essien
c. ronaldo robben
adriano ronaldo

migth consider nani-sports lisbon

Which the biggest teamses of soccer of the U.S.A.?

i argee with sexy g

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