SOCCER tryouts?

i have soccer tryouts for 7th grade monday ive never played on a team before but i love the sport any tips or trick or advice PLEEZ HELP


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Pace youself! You're not going to be used to how fast paced it is and you'll probably ware yourself out too quickly. BELIEVE ME...don't try to keep up with the team at first if they're too fast for you. Give yourself some time to get adjusted and you'll fall into place with everyone else. If you go too fast you're going to be too sluggish to do well by the end. Also, don't let anyone intimidate you. Always run strong towards the ball, even if someone is coming straight at you. If you back off, you'll get knocked down! So don't be afraid. Good luck!

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Well be calm do not be afraid of showing what u know.Do not be scared of other girls that look good players.Also practice in your dribbling and defense,GOOD LUCK!
If u want more advices email me!

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when u doin any drillz or running stuff never give up....coaches like that ...and dont dribble through the middle of the field..coahces hate that....dont give away the ball near your a good teamate

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hey i have soccer try-outs on monday you to my school by any chance? [Bondy] anyways. the first thing they want to know is if you can run,so they make you run alot.just try your best?

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Well, at my school, how long it takes you to run a mile was a HUGE part of the tryouts. Try seeing what your time is before tryouts and do plenty of stretching, ball handling practices, one on ones, and shots on goal.

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Ok well first, don't be nervous and drink plenty of water before practice but do not drink too much. Have fun while running and do your best, good luck I know soccer tryouts are little tough but I hope you make it.

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