A Question for you older Spurs' fans, like me! Who remembers the great partnership of Greaves and Gilzean..

Question:.in the 60s, and how much does our present partnership of Keane and Berbatov remind you of it??
Greaves was an ace goalscorer, with crafty, astute skill, and Gilzean was a tall, graceful artist, with great guile!
I think the "G-Men", as they were called, were better, but can you see the comparison?!?


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I bet my dad remembers Greaves and Gilzean. He used to go to all the Chelsea matches, and probably went to both Chelsea v Tottenham matches each season. Of course, Jimmy Greaves used to play for Chelsea, for whom he was very successful.

I feel really sympathetic for Tottenham fans, because their game tonight kicks-off at 9:35pm, by which time many children will be in bed, and I wouldn't be surprised if a high percentage of the British population is in bed by the time the match finishes. I don't know if I will watch the game tonight.

By the way, I was in attendance for the 0-0 draw between Watford and Tottenham earlier this season.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... I just woke up! What was the result between Chelsea and Man Utd?

There are similarities I suppose,but Jimmy Greaves was for me a total pro;he could use BOTH feet!!

Are Man Utd?

keane and berbatova rox

What do the following players have in common?

For me, I remember more the partnership of Gilzean with Chivers (Greaves had gone to West Ham, I think, by the time I was old enough to really appreciate football) .

Berbatov is a very classy finisher and is a liitle like Gilzean in that respect, but I certainly wouldn't put Keane in Greaves' class...he has too many poor games and Jol recognizes that he doesn't deserve a regular place.

And a modern day "big Chiv"? How about Mido?

Another dive from C.Ronaldo?

i remember a gilzean and chivers, greaves had left for westham by the time i appreciated footie!

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yep, gilly flicked it in with his head and greavsie used both feet . Do you remember chivers and gilzean? chivers took the long throws straight on to gillys head .

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ME // there is no comparison different era.

but i think the two Gs were better==

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As far as I'm concerned, there is absolutely no comparison. Greaves was one of the all time great scorers, of any era, any country. Gilzean was an adequate player, who proved to be a perfect foil for Greaves. Keane and Berbatov are not on the same planet, compared to Greaves!

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Oh Yes!...What a Strike partnership!...'Gilly' and 'Greavsie'.
The former the best header of the ball in the business back then,the latter with the footballing brain superior to any other at the time.
...In fact,what a team!( Jennings,Kinnear,Knowles,Mulle...
(Not forgetting of course players such as Coates,Robertson,Saul,Venables... etc...Apologies to those whom I forgot to mention!)

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yes their are comparisons, but I would rather watch them as they were rather than compare, and of course it was and hugely different era

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Good question, and yes I do remember watching Greaves & Gilzean. Whether Berbatov & Keane will be as good is yet to be seen, they are certainly proving to be an exceptional partnership so far. Lets hope they get better & better.

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Greaves a better scorer, Berbatov the better provider. What a partnership that would have been.

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