Ac milan vs liverpool!?

who is going 2 win and why and plz say milan coz liverpool suck..*...


Name 11 players to play 4 liverpool&blackburn in the english premiership?

Liverpool will deny AC Milan once again, just as they did it in 2005.

Please answer this question!?

ur right AC Milan for sure..

Will beckham improve while playing in MLS?

--a.c. milan,., good luck,..
--ottawa cup.,
--pistons basketball.,

When you are a goalie and it's one on one should you come out to get the ball instead of letting the person in

Heart says Liverpool, head says AC Milan.

We love you arsenal,we love you robin!?

ahahaha. i agree with you totally!

How to Be a Television Soccer Pundit?

errr. no . im a spurs supporter, but i want liverpool to win coz it's an english team... you dont want a spanish team to win do you?? i wanted man u to win though because liverpool won a couple years ago. so. who do you support?

Theo walcott for england first team?

Ac milan is in the italian A series... ... the will KILL liverpool. if the don't beat liverpool i will beat my head into a wall

Who do you think the key player in Manchester United Team now?

Ac Milan for sure why? they're a better team!!

In which position is Argentina in the new FIFA ranking?

AC Milan

Super super keano?

i support liverpool

Spurs Goal trouble?

I hate both teams,liverpool to win 4 personal reasons.I hate finals like this u have no idea.At the end of the day fcuk both of them.


Do most of you support United?

and God help us all if those soddy Scousers win it one will ever hear the end of it, and they may sing drunken versions of "You'll Never Walk Alone (Unless You're a Red's forward)" all the way to next March

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