Abel Xavier has joined La Galaxy!?

Question:He is gonna be playing alongside David Beckham at La Galaxy!



Where to watch Italian footie in central London?

yeah I 'm gonna get tickets to see galaxy this year.

What moves, if any, will Aston Villa make during the January transfer window?

ya man!!

Why is india not not that good in football and never gets chance in world cups?

MLS still needs more pro's. But this is a good start.

Greg page vs jersey joe walcott who wins?

WTF?!?! are u serious... wow. I always thought he was a decent player... but i guess not

Middlesbrough to Galaxy.. what an idiot

at least he will be in the same country as all the other Steroid taking footballers

Where has Gallas gone?

I heard about this yesterday..
Galaxy are sure strengthening their side, he is not a bad player.tough defender.

Ac milan winning the champions league?

What?! Are you serious?! WOw that sucks for him!!
I always saw him as a descent player. MAN! I never imagined him in the MLS tho. WOW!

What do you guys think about the US U20's showing against Argentina last night ?

kasper, what's your q?

we all know where most football players go at the twilight of their careers... so what's new?

Hypothetical situation: how would you feel if.?

He's a defender so he'll be playing alongside Chris Albright.

Which football club do you think is the friendliest (where fans are the warmest to each other?)?


Who are the idiots clicking the thumb down icons on people who say that kind of Beckham money is a obscene?

thats gonna be so cool...

Tell me about Manchester City's group fans..brigade..?

That's a good news for MLS and the whole of North America.
But they are old faded stars. So I dont think it will result in some big change.

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