Why has there been so much hype surrounding Chelski this season? They are Pre-madonnas, nothing more?

Even the god damn commentators have been in awe of Chelski and look how their season is going to end up, I hope they lose the FA cup final as well.


What was the protest at the liverpool match for today?

Couldn't agree with you more, i cant stand them, well done tonight liverpool...

Who would you put forward as the England Manager?

If they ended this season with just the league cup, it would be just desserts for their lack of respect for every other team they play.

I am from rome and will be going to the return game?

Let me guess, you are a manc in disguise

For when has Man UTD's replay against Middlesbrough been scheduled for?

I know, watching ITV do the semi-final tonight was like sitting with the world's biggest Chelsea supporters in my living room - hardly independent broadcasting!!

What team is david beckam on in fifa 07?

Dont be unfair now. I'm not a Chelsea fan, but they gave Liverpool a good match and lost only on penalties. Good luck to Liverpool in the final.

Who thinks Chelsea has more jam than hartleys?

They have been champions for two seasons and are currently the second best side in England.

I know football is jingoistic by nature...but that's no excuse to be dim.

How does one gets to apply for a football team in saudi arabia football associations?

i dunno... they did finnish 1st in the premiere league the past season or two and they barely lost out to man u this year... plus they have some big british stars-and you know that plays up-in england... look at the run they've had in champion's league, too... they're a great team... perhaps, not as good as man u... but great nonetheless... they really screwed up handling the adrian mutu case, though... he's way better in the premiership than shevchenko! look at how well off he is now with fiorentina...! if they still had him, there's no telling how well they'd have done this season!

What a dive! Anyone else think some disciplinary action should be taken against C. Ronaldo?

i think all the neutrals will agree that they do not want the title bought... simple as that...

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