What does it mean ta soccer to be traveling team?


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travel teams play teams from other areas and travel to other fields to play. Rec league soccer is usually played at one location every time.

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travel team goes to a lot of tournaments and is really competitive. You have to tryout for the team not everyone makes it. I have traveled all over the world with my brothers soccer team. I hope this answers your question. Have a great day.

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A traveling team is better than rec (like ayso or league that you don't have to MAKE the team) coaches more or less hand pick the players so they're the better players and typically you would play on a travel team before high school. and it wouldn't always be at the same fields you would play tourneys mostly. basically its a team selected by the coaches to play in tournaments with other teams so that theres stiffer competition for better players.

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the away team

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Generally, in football, you either play the match at your own stadium or the opponent's stadium. For eg, Liverpool v Barcelona. Liverpool is the home team since they are playing in their own stadium and Barcelona is the travelling team cause they are playing at Liverpool's stadium.

Hope that answers your question.

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