After Chelskis loss in the CL, has this sounded Mourinho's exit from the Bridge??

Question:Because it also seems highly unlikely they will win the EPL. I also get the feeling Jose is getting particularly frustrated with the UK media constantly hounding him for another golden "sound bite", which does make the media look particularly patronising and very f*ckin annoying. I also think he sees himself as a whinger, since this is how the media portrays him, which again, he seems to be getting frustrated about.

So, do you reckon he will:

1. Resign due to the evident backroom "trouble" at Chelski, as well as the irritating "quirks" of the UK media?

2. Be sacked - especially if he wins no more silverware this season?

3. If 1. or 2. where do you think he will be off to next season?

In saying this, i genuinely beleive he is gritting his teeth and wants to stay - and only because of his kids - since they are now settled and living in England, so he does not want to move around for the sake of them, which i find quite respectable.

Comments and suggestions to my points?


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indeed, it seems the recent ramblings at chelski indicate a departure of mourinho at season's end... let us just say the endorsement from peter kenyon is the kiss of death...

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I hope you are not some sad Manc fan!

Does anyone know anything about this soccer player?

he will leave by 'mutual agrement' with a big fat severence cheque and will go to real madrid

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well allardyce is available or is his ego to big for Chelsea his is even bigger than mourinhos

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Hope not! Although like you,Not a fan of either team, Mourinho would be a great loss to the Premiership! Can u imagine Pardew, Curbishley, Roeder, Southgate,Or Moyes in charge of Chelsea, how boring is that? This is one of the best seasons ever.( for the neutral ) Mourinho is a legend!

Manager of the month?

i think his services will no longer be required at the end of the season for failure to win anything substancial like the CL or EPL.but i also think that roman won't be far behind as it looks like he is getting bored of his new toy..

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he wants to stay but i think he may resign

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He should get lost "special one" my ***

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