"Wenger - Title hopes do not depend on new signings"?

I am tottally pissed off.have a say on this?


Robbie keane's 92 min winner for spurs??

Agreed, to a point. You need replacements for Henry and Lehmann because they are not getting any younger. You also need a couple of experienced heads to help the young, up-and-coming players to mature and develop.

However, I think the basics for another great Arsenal side are already there, you need to sort out their approach to games. Arsenal pass far too much, slowing down potentially devastating attacks. Man Utd can get the ball from box to box in about 5 passes, Arsenal may take about 15, meaning by the time they do get forward, the opposition have retreated and are able to crowd them out.

Arsenal need to develop more of a killer instinct. How many times are they 1-0 up but can't finish the game off with a second killer goal, and then the opposition come back at them? ie PSV in the Champions League, Chelsea in the carling Cup Final. They need to be more ruthless.

How does the Steve Gerrard chant go (Steve Gerrard Gerrard, da da da da 40 yards...)?

Besides the money, don't players usually sign with clubs that has the most potential to win a trophy at the end of the season??

To Be A Manager Of An English Football Team?

foreplay with no orgasm - very enjoyable, but ultimately fail to score.

Love watching the ar*e, even though I'm a Leeds fan. Need new signings, but he may have a point. Rosicky will be even better next year and Hleb has been sensational this year - without the goals to go with it.

But you need variety in attack, something to force opposition out. At the moment they can defend deep and narrow against you knowing you have to go through them (no aerial threat), so once you go behind it becomes very hard to score.

Also have to play like winners, not entertainers - God forbid you go like Chelsea but you do need a meaner streak - you need to enjoy punishing the opposition, rather than just enjoying playing good football.

But hey it could be worse - look at my lot!

I love utd but scholes deserved the red card! any other utd fans agree?

I am an Arsenal fan and although i agree that we should build for the future by signing young players who have the potential to be class players, we should also be signing players who are already there and able to give the team a lift it needs.

I do admit that the young players we have in our youth team do look great but what is the point of waiting 4-5 years for them to muture and become good players when in 4-5 years we could be so far behind everyone else.

Which club does Lionel Messi plays with? When is its next match?

The scene is set next season to prove that he is the man ::::::(require 1 extra out right striker though::!!)

If you are a ManU fan then E MAIL me at MANUUNITEDHELLO@YAHOO.COM?

and me not stopping eating 10 big macs a day doesn't mean I'm not gonna lose weight!!

welcome to the world of the new stadium...you have the worst new stadium in the world, terrible atmosphere,still have that pathetic screen that you had at Highbury reminding everyone of how few English players are in your team! who needs the team list up there...it looked awful before..looks even more stupid now!! So to pay for this huge waste of money advertising Emirates, you have to sacrifice cash that you could've used for players!!

i'm so gutted.COYS!

and to rub it in Spurs will finish above you next season!

American cup.who´s winner,argentina or usa?

hes right
the team isn't about the individual

Football manager or champ?

i think he is sounding off because he is not gonna be there next season mate , and Henry will be gone as well . I really cant see anything good happening at the Emirates for a few seasons to come mate ..

Do you guys think the US can win the copa america 2007 and how far will they go? if not?


you sound like a jealous yid to me! yes thats right bigger stadium. more fans and you are behind us again.

and as to "loyal" fans i have been to 3 Arsenal Spuds games this season and your fans ALWAYS leave early, just 2 weeks ago when jenas scored in your cup final your ground was half empty!

as to the question yes we do need to sign 2-3 class players.

i would go Curtis Davies, Ribery and someone else.

How did baptista become pro footballer ? freak of nature?

that's it mate... just a confirmation that arsenal do not have a big transfer kitty (they may have none at all)... most of its money are being used to service the loans used to build the emirates stadium...

again, wenger hopes to sign relatively cheap players and hopes he will discover the next henrys and vieiras...

Which dutch striker is better van persie or kuyt?

I think there is the need for a top class ball winning centre half, but it is still possible that Senderos (or less likely Djourou) will prove that player. Additionally, Tony Adams may make a difference by returning as a coach defensively (He's leaving Portsmouth)

Other than that he's absolutely right. I wouldn't swap a fully fit line up of Walcott, Henry,Hleb,Rosicky,Denilson,
VanPersie with Man U or Chelsea's options next year.

Arsene knows...

Are Tottenham Hotspurs getting a by against feynoyed now?

I think we need a new goalie and a winger that's an area we really suffer in we have no width, both Rosicky and Hleb like to play in-field in effect it's like having four central midfielders, anyway AW's right to a degree what we need is the squad we have getting less injuries then we had this season.

Why do the European Professional Football leagues not have a draft to select new young talent?

Wenger says that every year. He knows the team needs strengthening and will buy players. Hes already almost signed that Polish Keeper. Hope he buys a free scoring Midfielder and defender. We will be back with a bang next season.

Which channel is Carling Cup final on in USA?

I agree with you. It also doesn't depend on a team full of foreigners. He better sort himself and his team out before he gets hit hard by somebody.

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