A question for (real) chelsea fans?

Ive noticed a lot of people wearing chelsea jerseys lately. In fact it all kinda started happening around the time ambramovich took over, pumped a load of cash into the club and they won a few things. My point is this: B4 roman and his money arrived I knew only one chelsea fan. He's my friends dad and we slagged him non-stop(but not in a mean way)when we were growing up. But now there seems to be chelsea fans everywhere??? Where were these people b4, thats what i wanna know. Look, i have no problem with little kids wearing chelsea jerseys coz you pick your team when youre that age. But a lot of people over the age of say, 18, walking around with chelsea jerseys...i have to wonder how many are real chelsea fans, and how many are just jumping on the bandwagon. So real chelsea fans, what do you think about this, do you mind, or does it annoy the hell out of you??


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yes i know-like me.but i can't really help it,actually i started watching football since the world cup and at that time,germany was my favourite team

so when i heard michael ballack going into chelsea,it kinda became the club i used to watch,anh slowly this feeling has grown into love

well i'm 14

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No you can wear what you want and think is right.

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they will be united fans when they next win the league and they started supporting liverpool after istanbul it is because they don't really have an interest in football they like to support who is winning trophies

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these are true blue glory hunters...

yeah, i know of a chelski supporter and really give him a lot of stick... i can even remember joking that peter schmeichel played as a striker against the blues and he dumbass fell for it...

but the bloke is nice and really supported the russian mob... and you know what, there's a lot more people hanging around with him right after the kgb won it's first trophy in 50 long years...

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There is just a class of people, in any sport, who want to be a winner.

For example though the Boston Red Sox have a huge fanbase for Baseball, after they won the world series it seemed everyone was their fan.

Chelsea has is real supporters, but also a lot of hangers on.

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i thought this guy asked for 'real chelsea fans'. seemed like a strange request..i'll be surprised if anyone answers who is actually in the category he wants....chelsea really doesnt have many true fans....good luck getting one of the couple out there to answer ur question.

try reasking this in a year or two when ibramovic moves on, the money dries up and chel$ki return to their former worthless status...then u'll see who the real fans are.


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ur right..im a tru chelsea fan..
even before they roman..


Didier drogba
Frank lampard
John Terry
Andriy Shevchenko
Michael Ballack

r my favourite..

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they are not real fans,,,,,,,,@rseholes

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as a REAL chelsea fan, i wanna answer your question.
so let me just tell u.all the people choose their team when they play great.i mean u dont choose a poor team,when the player r playing bad.but u just think.is there any people around u that choose a team just for the money.so those people r crazy cos the money is not everything as jose said.
u cannot buy lots of heart with money.
u know?
i mean u cannot be a fan just cos they club is rich.
so fans of a team increase everyday.it happens for man u too.
maybe just because u hate us more than before u r saying there r lots of blues round here.

so be reasonable.


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I dont really mind them supporting us. Its a sign of success when u get glory hunters. I have been a chelsea fan all my life through the good and bad but I dont love chelsea cos they win I love them cos they r the CHELSEA. Whether we r top, middle or bottom I will stick by them.

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