A really daft question but?

why do followers of british football need to say "We" when talking about a game the majority of the "fans" have never taken part in?. "we won the cup!,or we could have won if it had'nt been for that ref". shouting at the league leaders on tv doesnt make you a fan or an expert!


Only Americans?

I'm not sure where you are from, but if you don't understand the notion of referring to a team you support, either nationally or just your chosen team, as if you were a part of it (we won the cup! we won the cricket! we kicked your ... etc), then I guess wherever it is is lacking the wonderful, uplifting and sometimes bittersweet spirit of comeraderie that sport provides.

I'm not british, btw.

Do people read the questions properly vista asked who has won most premierships the answer is Man U?

because WE ARE THE PEOPLE!..hope that clears everything up x

Steve mclaren? should he go now?

You are right...a really daft question...

North Pole?

WE are just expressing our opinion are WE not


Cos its my team that I support, I feel an affinity for them, I suffer through their trials and rejoice at their success. We are as one.

Smoking ban is wrong,dont like smokey pubs dont go in,dont like soccer dont go to a game, your choise no smok

yours right it is a bit daft. i dont support football but i suppose they feel a unity to the team.

Have you seen the movie "Green Street Hooligans"? What did you think about it?

Well "you" obviously know nothing of football and therefore I concur - a really daft question.

What is your favorite soccer club?

because we (society) are proud of our country and therefore and its achievements

What would you rather your team won...?

i dont know but what in the name of all that is holy were you thinking pointing a gun at a cat?everyone knows you toss them in a canal.amateur mistake

Ticket prices for the play offs at Wembley?

Yes...I think I know what you mean. Fairweather friends, hmm - well, I'm trying - but you seem to have attracted people who probably do as you suspected! Spray that herd!
You seem to have three stars, and so there are ones who can also get the jist...but probably won't say so in case the herd stirs!

What are good soccer boots for a defender?

Probably because like Australian rules football fans they are financial members of the club.How do you think football clubs
raise money?

What was the best game ever played in the Premiership since it was formed?

because a person who goes for a team really feels for them they feel the pain of losing a final they feel the joy of wining they basically feel part of the team

Is there anywhere on the net i can watch sky sports for free or at least very cheap?


What salary is teddy sherigham on?

they follow their team through thick and thin so feel as if it's their team and react as such.

Soccer question, where I can find the record of games ?Mex vs. Espana?

Don't American supporters of basketball, American football and baseball say "we" when talking about their team?

Is that right, the majority of fans have never taken part in the game? I'm not sure about that. All boys, will have played football at school, in at least, physical education lessons. the playground is full up at break time with kids playing the game. School matches are played all across the country. Thousands of kids, rush over their local parks to play, as soon as school is over for the day. Millions of people, old and young, amateur and professional play the game at the weekend.

Even ladies teams are now appearing. My 14 year old daughter, plays for the school football team. It is also taught in PE for one term a year. We have very good women's teams, ie Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and others. There are also international matches.

So, virtually all boys in the country play football at some time.

There are a lot more refereeing decisions to query in our game, than yours. Football is a fast game without continual breaks. How long is your average playtime in your game, before the whistle blows, and the game stops. It is really easy to referee.

Regarding PFA player of the year...many deserving players not nominated...u think so?...?

You're obviously not a football fan. It was a stupid question.

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