All the Bandwagon Man UTD fans are coming out of the closet again?

All the Bandwagon Man UTD fans are coming out of the closet again.


Hi guys..How do you think Man U will do against the European X1 ?

i don't allow them back, i hate them more than you, because you have to earn the right to be a MANCHESTER UNITED supporter. you have to support them on the lows and the really lows before you can join in the celebrations.

Who's going 2 win??

well that's most of them isn't it?! lol

Last year I went to the Soccer Aid event held at Old Trafford, has one been arranged for 2007?

Man-U are the biggest bandwagon team next to Barcelona, But atleast a tiny % of them are hardcore fans.

Do u like picking best answer? what criteria do u use?

What all the ones from London who've never been to Manchester and have been supporting Chelsea for the last three seasons.

Italy or FRANCE??

i was never under the impression they were in a closet.

Does anyone know what Eric Cantona is up to these days?

That's funny... I guess I jumped the bandwagon when I was born then? Because I was raised a Red Devil.

Lol Christian! :P

This poster sounds BITTER.

As for the 'Manchester United fans aren't hardcore' statement.. well, I have a few United jerseys (a new CL edition one from this season with rooney on the back included), one from when I a kid (CANTONAAA) that my dad bought for me, he had a few that I now have (he gave them to me when he passed away) and he'd gone to OT atleast 10 times in his life. I am saving up for a trip to OT... I watch every game (yeah, even the 6 am games) and I take time off work to watch them. My life revolves around it, if we lost I seem deppressed my friends tell me...

I live for football. I'd say I'm pretty hardcore.

Local Team Players vs. Big Stars?

and all the fagits who who havn't won the league for well over a decade(liverpool scum fagits) are boosting about been mediocre.

Which player has played in a london darby mersey darby manchester darby since the prem was started?

Yes they are all gay

How many times have liverpool won the european cup?

And ... your point? There's going to be bandwagon/glory hunting fans for nearly every half-decent club.

Was anyone at last night's Singapore Thailand match who saw the foul ? Did Thai player pull down Alam Shah ?

I've always been a Man-U fan. I don't understand this closet theory of yours. Go Man-U.

Does it ever get on your nerves when fangirls love footballers for their looks??

my father and his father were man utd fans til death and i was born into it. since i was 3 i've been watching the red devils - still have my little kid man u jersey (lol similar to bela) - i never have and never will support any other team.
no bandwagon jumping here sorry...

the vast majority of man u fans are NOT bandwagonists - they have been supporting man u for decades..
even in the man u fans u see now have always been here and will always be here whatever happens and i am confident in speaking on their behalf on this issue

i understand ur jealousy at our greatness though but try to be sensible about ur statements.


Who is better christiano ronaldo or ronaldinho? and why?

Sure. They been hide in the closet for a past 2 years.

Premiership Predictions (24)?

Spot on, and what most people fail to realise is most United fans have been like this since year dot.

Where were you all in 1974/75

And in the late 80's - United V Wimbledon, league fixture at Old Trafford, crowd around 17,000.

The facts speak for themselves.

Look at Man City, they went down 2 divisions and they still got gates like they were in the Premiership.

It makes me laugh when United fans play the jealousy card. Jealous of what, we've won it 5 times, maybe 6.

Question for Real Football Fans.?..?

wat are u on about. some of us have been to old trafford on numeruos occasions, if we cant go we watch on tv, does it matter if were there or not we can still shout and cheer at home, or feel totally p.ed off if we loose. i have 3 sons, 16, 13 and 10 months all wear the red devil top. (as u can see frm my avitar). COME ON YOU REDS


Why isn't Brazilian Ronaldo plying with AC Milan against Manchester ?

i know what you mean the glory hunters!!
Come on chelsea

Which Football team has played in the F.A. Cup in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales?

If it means a few glory-hunting Chelsea 'fans' jumping ship (again) then maybe United winning the league has been a blessing in disguise.
Giggs is 007: At least we agree on something, ie you have to earn the RIGHT to support your team. You can't just cherry-pick and then expect to have automatic bragging rights. It runs far deeper than that.

What makes Gerrard better than Lampard?

Hmm Whats wrong do you support Chelsea?

The best thing about Sunday was the fact that I could wind up all the so called Chelsea fans ( girls not even watching the game, instead posing in chelsea shirts)
nd the arsenal fans!
Oh By the way Thanks Arsenal!

Is it money that gave United the Prem?

go to sleep and cry about it

Has football (soccer for you Americans) ever been the cause of a war? (Please no spam answers please)?

You really are a no brain arent you.
United have mmore fans throughout the UK and the world. So many taht if we could all get tickets, a 100000 seater stadium wouldnt be big enough. Go and bury your bigoted head back in the sand.

Do you think having clean equipment helps with a players performance?

yer all of the TV fans .never been to old trafford,don't know where Manchester is fans,,,,just blag on about how they hate Chelsea and Liverpool.wait until next year when the mancs win sod all ..then see where they all are!! gone or supporting some other side on the TV..arsenal maybe,,( sorry proper arsenal fans).

Are chelsea the new liverpool, grinding teams (and fans) down just to snatch a 1 nil drab result?

no thats wrong.United have always had the biggest fan base. we managed crowds of over 40000 in the old second division and regularly took 15000 the years before fergie and all seated stadia we played to full houses and had the best away support in the for coming out of the closet ask Chelsea Blackburn and Reading fans along with a few others.

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