3 england footballers who's sirname has 3 o's in?


Why do the media assume we all wish Man Utd well?


Do you think that the usa is going to get their moneys worth from pretty boy Beckham?

Peter Osgood, Tony Woodcock, Ian Storey-Moore & George Pelham Von Donop (apparently played twice in 1873-1875).

How Many times HaveUnited won The League Cup/Charrity shield combined?

Peter Osgood, Tony Woodcock, Ian Storey moore

Out of all the goalkeepers that have played in the world cup, which five do you considered to be the best?

Is Kolo right then? Cos I can't think of any current ones.

Is it true that C Ronaldo is negotiating with Real Madrid?

Mick Harfordoo
Brian Steinooo
Ricky Hillooo

Does anyone rate lee cook who plays 4 qpr?

Peter Osgood,
Tony Woodcock,
Ian Storey-Moore!!! easy peasy

I am an Italiano policiman and youra fans deserrved a good wasting?

Peter Osgood, Tony Woodcock & Ian Storey-Moore

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