A Question for all Man Utd "fans"?

Question:So all of a sudden you lot have reappeared from under your stones, sheds etc... how are you?
All of a sudden a treble is on the cards you come back out!!


So my question to you is where have you been??

if mean if you were REAL fans you would not be on this site you would be getting ready to fly to Italy to watch your beloved team and not sitting in front of your computers in Cornwall, Norfolk etc etc...


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never been away dude.

Soccer in America?

Here, Here!!!

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i heard singapore airlines was fully booked lol

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I have been accepting the fact that the great man u are only human,and the history of man u is the light in the premiership that will never go out.
I have been enjoyiong losing as much as winning.
I have been waiting to see a super club like chelsea help bring out the best in the greeeeeeeeaaaaat man u.
what a team what a legend,and we dont have any famous cheats like some of the other famous strikers

I hope the makems (SAFC) get religated next season.?

I support Man United but I am a retired citizen and can only just about afford the TV License.

I never used to see many people wearing chelsea shirts?

Why can we not be Supporters of Manchester United and watch them play via the Television, or are you saying if we do not actually go to every game in person we are not true fans. Get real there is not a Stadium big enough to hold every Manchester United Supporter.

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LOL Hey flowers here watching from the box, in sunny Lancashire not Cornwall or Norfolk. :) Glory Glory Man Utd.

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seeing as u dont know me how do u know ive only reappeared?
i dont have to fly to italy to be a real fan. i bet u hardly go to all your teams matches

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couldn't get a ticket, mate, and even if i could i won't be going until tomorrow.

Whos's the better team man u or liverpool?

to be fair, its not that easy to get tickets, or that they are affordable..

i went to arsenal fulham sunday, and the prices of tickets are just silly now...

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I doubt that if you yourself are a true manUnited fan cuz if you were you'd know that the fans are not just form England, they're from all over the world. I live in Iran and have been a fan since I was 11 and have hardly missed a match which was found live on TV. You know what's my greatest dream? To be in Oldtrafford atleast once and cheer with all the other fans. But I'm a middle class citizen of my country and it costs really much to fly there.
Once I heard a fact : If each one of United fans wants to have atleast one visit to oldtrafford, It will take about 50 years!

George Best?

(this has been re edited)sorry as u not stated u r which team fans.i should not say those un nice thing =p

n yeah,im also like the pheonix...ive been a fans of man u since i was 9 years old...i've been dreamin years by years to be there at old trafford...maybe cant meet eye by eye with the players,but enough for me just to there,be the spectator...but i live in malaysia...with me juz a collegue students now,i couldnt afford to go there...every one has their own difficulties and the best way they can support the team they love is by media.

Can you tell me the address of the parcelforce place near west ham station where the new stadium will be built

in italy now my friend cost me £250 for a ticket and if you think manu fans go away what about chelsea 4 years ago thay had about a thousand fans now they all crawl out of that hole thay call london and think they can out class the likes of man u I DONT THINK SO MY FRIEND UP THE DEVILS 3. 2 TOMMOROW COME ON.

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76,000 supporters every home game, plus 100,000s of thousands of supporters who for various reasons cannot get to old trafford. this has been utds following for decades. i am lucky to be able to travel from ireland maybe 4or 5 times a season .utd have 100s of fan bases all over the world with thousands of members, not many clubs can boast that sort of support. i am sure that as much they would like to travel to o.t. a lot of them find it impossible to do so. whats your excuse for sitting in front of your computer[no team to go & support.

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This sounds like the rant of a bitter Chelsea/Liverpool/Arsenal fan. I don't beleive that how much you love a club comes down to monetary circumstances. There must be hundreds of genuine, lifelong Man Utd fans out there who couldn't afford to buy tickets, flights, accomodation and have the time off work. Does that make them lesser supporters? btw I'm a man city fan

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lol kolo i thought you had gone into hiding. due to your average team having a average season as of saying that unfortunately some of us can't afford to go to Milan and i doubt there are enough tickets available for those who can . PS i hope you have improved on your tips for the horses lol.

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were have i been?
u mean u and ur arsenil clan
as for milan i have to go too school
unlike u lazy!

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What a total prat you are. Reappeared, where do you get that from, Whos got the highest average attendance and would fit in 100,000 every home game if they had the capacity. Your just jealous because we have fans from all over the world, and MORE IN MANCHESTER. Attractive football attracts fans you NUMPTY. By the way, who should you be supporting when your wasting your time posting rubbish on this site. You obviously have lots of time on your hands so are you really a football fan or just another NUTTER who likes having a go at United?

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Thanks Kolo this answer gives me 1000 points

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