All the man united fans insulting scousers do your insults include rooney?


What do you guys think of RICARDO QUARESMA is he on his way to be like CRISTIANO RONALDO?

Did someone really just say that Everton isn't even in Liverpool !! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!

Everton is in Liverpool A*S*S HOLE!

Who will spend the most in this summers transfer window + who will bring in the most players?

they will conveniently forget his roots
just as ronaldo after the world cup!!

What!!? i cant believe this.?

i`ve also pointed this out today!

Which is the best premiership fantasy team whose player's surnames all begin with the same letter?

You can take the boy out of Liverpool but you cant take the Liverpool out of the boy

How can i contact the hull city manager phil brown?

Once a blue, now a red.. get over it! he's from everton anyway which is a different part of merseyside! unlike plastic scousers, he even speaks with what used to be the typical evertonian accent thats good, not the horrible nasal sound we have now..

By the way, some liverpool fans might need help with geography...

Merseyside = Everton AND Liverpool - 2 different places, not one!
You see, its quite simple isn't it!

*edit* what you don't realise unfortunately is that we h8 the fans - not the players! raffa has a good team, but its the self pittying, greedy, horrible, fans we can't stand!

I'm from merseyside, but I know that Harry Enfield pretty much summed up just how stupid the fans are

*edit 2* actually, I am... : )

Who scores the best goal in the premiership?

and they lost on saturday but I didnt see any derogatory remarks about them I hate Alex Furguson (sorry but I do)

Are chelsea gonna lose?

I'm a Man Utd fan and I don't go around insulting scousers. I have a bit of friendly banter with the scouse friends I know and they give as good as they get.

What team do you hate?

mine do! anything scouse is fair game as far as i'm concerned!!

Predictions for liverpool vs chelsea?

Just call it convenient Scouseism....bit like convenient racism

Will playing soccer help me lose weight and tone my body?

Very good point! Just like they all love Ronaldo even after the way he goaded Rooney in the world cup and helped us get knocked out!

How can i watch live premiership football matches online for free?

The same reason soucers insult us manc`s. Here`s a little joke for you:-
Travel to Greece £600
Match ticket £500
New shellsuit £80
Missed giro £82.50
Comin home from Athens empty handed to find you`ve been burgled.PRICELESS.
Just a bit of harmless banter.dont take it too seriously.

Goal of the season?

That's how fickle they are, they go on about hating scousers but worship Rooney.

Mancs all over

Manchester United Champions?

i dont insult anybody.rooney's the best

Is manchaster United Soccer jersey would be the same one after this season finishes in 6games?

Hi Mate,

I'm a Utd supporter (please don't delete me!) but the only people I slag off are the players when they give games away that should be in the bag! It doesn't matter where they're from, and looking at some of the best players in the league, they're bound to be from abroad anyway!

Have Man-u won the league at Man city or is it going To be Chelsea...?

Well he's from Everton anyway - and in any case the boy in absolutely outstanding for England as well as for Man Utd - I can imagine that anyone who replies to this question wouldn't chew his / her own arm off to have Rooney in their team. Rooney doesn't get any stick because he's absolute quality.

Will Leeds United ever go back to the Premiership again?

Of course they do - although he is an Evertonian which means the malice isn't really there.

MCFC - No United fan has forgotten where Ronaldo is from it's just that we love our club more than sh!tty England

When will a different club win the premiership?

No only Liverpool supporters and as Rooney is an Evertonian he does'nt count

If Frank McAvennie and Wayne Rooney?

rooney is a scouser, but like luke was the son of darth vader, we have taken him from the dark side, i don't dislike or insult all scousers, in fact i've slept with quite a few, its the we've won it 5 times crew, who bore the pants off me.

if i go down to the pub and tell everyone how good i have been repeatedly, i would be called a bore. i know liverpool yuk have 18 division 1 titles cause you write it on banners all the time, its BORING.


Do you have an unjustified hatred for any football players!?

yeah, rooney is from liverpool but the boy jolly knows well what is CLASS... hence the switch to man utd...

Do you think Jose Mourinho?

Im not look at all my posts
i was stcicking up for liverpool
and i am a man u fan!

Who should coach USA? Bradley? Klinsman? Someone else?

LOL! "we love our club more then shitty England" HAHAHAHA I LOVED that comment!

MCFC... of course some fans were UPSET, Portugal beat England and so of course Ronaldo was going to be targeted.. especially with what happened.

But yeah, Red Devils have Man Utd #1 on their list, which is why Man Utd has the best fans (lol). I love my country and club. But as much as I've followed Portugal, I've actually probably seen more Man Utd games, even though I've seen Portugal games live in the stadiums (Euro 2004)... tough call there, I'm Portuguese, I can't help it but be nationalistic, but Man Utd is the most important club to me in the world. My country is my country but my club is my club because I chose it.

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