All Football fans play this RON'S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PREDICTOR GAME!!!?

Question:The person with highest points wins.
Rules -
5 pts for the correct result with the correct score.
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 1-0.
0 pts for the wrong result with the wrong score
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 0-3.
3 pts if the result is correct but the score is wrong
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 3-2.
1 pt if one of the teams score predicted is correct.
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 2-3.
Similarly you can also get 4 pts
Eg. predicted 3-1 actual score 3-0.

Predict the score of the following 2nd leg matches.
ManU vs AC Mil
Chel vs Liv


Help please?

man utd 3 - 1 ac milan

lpool 2 - 1 chelsea

Comments on man utd vs roma match?

Ac Milan 1-2 Man United
Chelski 0-2 Liverpool

Is Rooney cooler than Ronnie?

Liverpool 2 - 1 Chelsea
Man U 2 - 2 AC Milan

Should Arsenal win all their remaining games in the Premier League, what chances do they stand of winning it?

AC Milan 2-0 Manchester United
Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea

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