Alex scored for both teams(Assnal/PSV Heindhoven), now what term is there in soccer for such a thing?

Soccer is a language of emotions and adrenaline spurts. Terms like making a bravura flourish..aside, I would like to know besides the rules governing this sport what term in the likes of brace, hatrick etc one is entitled to when he happens to have scored for both the opposing teams in the field of play.


What two teams are going to go up in the nationwide league 1 at the end of this season ?

Untidy brace
Own goal equaliser
Villain Hero

Which countries sends how many teams to UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE??

Hero to villan


it is commonly known as an *** saver

Can i ask a question to..?

i guess its known as "asssaviour" meaning an *** but a saviour. LOL. But Alex did play well , you have to admit that despite the own goal.

Why no comments on John Terry refusing £115.000 per week wages?Beckham would have been crucified by now.?

Saving grace brace.

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