After I found out that Gemma and Cristiano had sex,I don't love anyone else.Now I hate Cristiano Ronaldo...

Now I just like the way he plays and not anymore the way he looks!I hate him now about his private life.What to do?I still love him?This anger on him will be for ever or I will forget?When I see his photos it isn't anymore a happy moment..


Who thinks that the designers of the new England shirt should be shot?

strange but i understand you 100%
after this world cup 2006 I really liked Fabio Cannavaro
I found out all info about him ,about his life but when I saw some pictures when he's with his wife - it was awful for me ,I felt so geek inside and I don't know why!
it's stupid ,I know ,he's not my husband or brother or friend - he's just talent football player with pretty face and grace!
after it I deleted all his photos on my phone and the strangest thing you know - I felt better!
such thing was with my friend too ,but she licked not Fabio but kaka from Brazil soccer team and now when we recollect about it we laugh , cause how stupid we were!
it's just football fever - just forget about it!
P.S I hope you don't think I'm sick :)

Where is the 2014 World Cup going to be played?

Huh? I am confused...have no idea what your talking about ...sorry

CONCACAF Gold cup(soccer) answers only?

Are you related to him or just crushing bad on him?Anyway, he's not worth your time..Go for someone else then..

Who knows how to play soccer?

Are you married or involved with this guy somehow? If not, it really doesn't matter now, does it?
I say rip up the photos, and leave whoever it is in the past and move on. Maybe some therapy is in order..

Finishing position/money in the English Premier League?

Better you forget this guy... he his not playing a good football anymore, and sooner he will live for retirement...

Do not jeopardize your time...

By the way ... what about Ronaldinho (Little Ronaldo) ? han?

Another Win for my team Southampton - now in 6th spot?

Honestly im a cristiano ronaldo wanna be not the soccer part the way he looks but anyway im sure they r gonna break up in about 2 or 3 months lmao come on both r sluts

How many people were overjoyed when C.Ronaldo was snapped..?

hi,i was in a similar situation but my girl of 4 years then slept withone of my best friends. she spend many nights with him in a diff town. she use to travel over 900kms 18 hrs by train to be with him. we were studying overseas in india at that time and i had introduced my so call goodfriend.she use to give me all kind excuses and go claiming to see her relatives.
i found out and forgave her .we carried on and i finished a year before her and returned to my countrty and later married her not knowing that she never changed.i got to know later that she had slept with another two friend s of mine and used to go out with alot of streangersand spend the nights with them. she and her girl friend once went aon a cruise with some palestinians for three days and she claims notjing happened except for some kissing and so on. i couldnt beleive it that such a thing happen inmy life but i loved her too much to live without her and it has come to a pont that now i started fantasing about her having sex with others and we have tried it out with others,its ok now when iam ther because it is notcheating but i cant forget the other episodes because i was cheated and it has been 15 yearsnow but i still cant forget and i still thunk of it everydaya nd sometines it makes me sick. i cant imagine now looking out for partners for her to have sex and i was aperson so protective of her and ...i cant leave her as well because we have three beautiful children . well thats life and i try now to make the best of it. i am just telling you my experience in dealing with a similar sitution hopes it gives a can mail me at hrnycuk

Should jose mourinho get sacked?

hehehe oh Cristiana Ronalda :) don't worry u just have a crush on him, and ull forget this and get over it after a while!!

Big school rival soccer game tomorrow. Any good warm ups to get goalies focused? I am competing for a 1st team

who cares about his privat life all I care is what he does when he is in that stedum and kicks that ball and does those amazing foot works. he is awsome dont really care who have sex with I say should have sex with all the girls in Europe and actually girls are dying to get there hand on him.

Should Rio Ferdinand be knighted?

why do you care? he probably has sex with a lot of different girls every night...

Are Blackburn Rovers a team of fecking Animals or what?

That mean u love cristino Ronaldo....He is a good player.
But I don't think u had sex....

Is there any difference between sportsmanship and sportive spirit?


Is it true Liverpool haven't had a sending off yet this season?

Get real, kiddo. It's normal 4 young girls to have crushes on footballers but u gotta kno that u won't get him. They're always running after super models and famous women unless they kno their wives/GFs before football. Money runs after money, sweety.

Don't worry, u'll get over it!!

What players can Tottenham get to improve their defense for next year?

congrats.know ur seeing the real cr7.i also used to like him but know i only like him as a player....and hate him as a person

Arsenal vs spurs (carling cup) predictions?

what?! u excpect him to be a virgin! haha u are making laugh!

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