A Cristiano Ronaldo must see?

Question:have a look at his 27 seconds clip:

then after watching the first one, have a look at this hilarious interview:



Chelsea v Man U?

He should consider representing Portugal for swimming in the next Olympics!

Should Terry Wogan be pensioned off by the BBC?

HAHAHA, thats great, i hate Cristiano he is such an Itialan on his diving, good find and thanks for posting that. And its nice to see another Chelsea fan on here.

Most over-rated England player of all time?

It's always a pleasure to see that handsome face. Thank you, Kasper!

Can Manchester United win the CHAMPION LEAGUE?

hahah the interview was hilarious! He is right though alot of people dont like him because hes really good.jelousy...lol

Do sunderland fans love the irish?

LMAO I LOVE that 2nd interview.. he's laughing and the reporter is like wtf.
HAHHAHA. best interview ever.
that interview made me love him more.

Best latin american national soccer team?

ur just jealous cuz drogba didn't receive a e-on man of the match=P

hehe jkz..but this one is waaaaaaaaaay funnier



Manu are now 4 points ahead chelski . can they stay on top until the end of the season?

lol, i feel bad for Cristiano tho he cant speak English all that well so that interview made him look like a idiot, but he still a great player no matter what.
@man U4life hahahah i hadnt seen that one yet!! haha

Newcastle did it then.?

Wow! Thanx for that Kasper you have just been added to my list of all those who envy C.Ronaldo and his amazing talent!LOL! Here you need to have a look at this, maybe you'll learn some stuff!

Would Alex Ferguson make a good England manager?

What an idot. I like this video better. Some guy posted this video before but i like this one better

Give me all the names of all players that have played in premiership from past and the present day?

he's a cutie, i cant deny that.and hes right.people are just jealous that he's TOO GOOD!

Wen it is it ur b-day and how old are u going to be?

hehe, funny but he's still a cutie!

Where 'online' can I watch Aston Villa v Chelsea, tonight. Less of the DUH!?

"Ronaldo Dive # 45636436" LMAO

I would like to send real salt lake an email what should i do?

i have already seen that and enjoyed each and every instant...i missed myself there!

What do you think about how Benitez has changed the club with all these players from spain?

Who cares? Man Utd are the champions!!!!

btw, the ref said it was a penalty, so officialy it wasn't a dive.


Well first clip is all about his nature... diving!

Second one .. well why is he jerking so much? Do they have a bad habit like that at Old trafford?

Where dos scott dobby live?

There is another video called "the worst of C. Ronaldo." You can tell Ronaldo doesnt intentionally dive but occationally he lost his balance whilist making all kinds of fancy moves. Unable to keep his balance is probably the only weakness of his, I would not call him diver just because of that.

If Ronaldo were an Englishman, no one would criticise him or maliciously label him as a diver. you can tell the reporter were trying to make him look bad because he cant comprehend English.

He summerised it all, all you ronaldo haters are just jealous how good he is and the feud between him and rooney is world cup.

I know a group of you are really jealous of him because he won eon award.

What exacly is that pathetic eon award anyway?

Can Crystal Palace make the play-offs this season?

It's always a pleasure to watch Ronaldo I just love him.

What year were names introduced onto the back of football shirts?

C.Ronaldo sucks

Does any body have the List of the Top 15 highest paid players in Europe?

Nice , But Premier League set to sue YouTube for copyright.

Do you agree with me that sky sports has the worst football commentators?

what a MUG he blaintenly dived wat an idiot

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