If Mourinho got sacked, who is the man for the job?

Klinsmann, Lippi, Ancelotti, Mancini...they are several big name..so who is the next one to guide chelsea if the Special One is gone??


Where can i see arsenal play today in camden town?

hiddink. but definitely it will be someone who will toe the line of abramovich and peter kenyon.

SOCCER tryouts?

i dont think ancelotti interested with a job in chelsea..
but for me..gerrard houllier is the most suitable man for the job..

I'd like to ask english supporters:when happen episodes of violence at the stadium others are always guilty?

It would have to be the EXTRA special one... Me!!

Can football kill porverty all over the world?

I would say Jergen Klinsmann..

What football ground (uk or abroad/league or non) has the oddest name?

None of the above. Why does it have to be a so-called big name? Personally I'd go for Steve Clarke. He's been at the club for twenty years both as a player and a coach, he knows the club and the set-up inside out, and the players respect and trust him, as do the supporters who have memories longer than four years.

Please give me the best websites to download and save video clips of soccer actions of superstars of soccer ?

hey sweety i think you don't keep yourself updated....Mourinho is not going anywhere because he so damn so special that the board members themselves told him to stay at Chelsea

Can anyone tell me the email address for lionel perez,s fitness company please. address ,telephone no?


QUESTION on the site that shows the free football?

Barca's Manager is also on the leave... So why not Rijkaard or LvanGaal taking his place? also I wonder if GVialli could be recalled after his superb performance with the then Chelsea side.

World top 10 football(socer) clubs in 2006/2007 season?

they should try and get lippi or vicente del bosque. mancini too is gud. also a lil unknown but real gud iz d sevilla coach juande ramos.luk at how he has transformed sevilla.

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