Footy Fans: What was the last game you watched…..?

….live, on webcast, the telly, doesn't matter...just tell us a little about it: who played, who won, was it a good game, how did you feel while watching, etc. pls, anything you might want to share. thanks.


Can anyone name the 9 Brazillians who have played for Arsenal since Silvinho?

Watford v Liverpool on TV in the Premiership on Saturday, 13 January 2007. the match was a one sided affair which was won by the Reds with a 3-0 scoreline. Peter Crouch scored two & Craig Bellamy got the other & best of all, Liverpool kept yet another clean sheet & right now they are on a right track. watch out Chelsea, we are coming to get ya.

Which player has won the world cup with two different countries?

milan vs juventus in Berlusconi trophy ...
was recording though...match was good...nedved showed his class...n seedorf ahhh whenever he play with full heart...he is unstoppable.
Milan played with a 4-3-1-2
and juve played with del piero (my all time fav) and trez upfront

milan won 3-2 thanx to winning goal by Aubameyang (youth team player)

feelings = a great start to 2007 :)
milan all the way.

Question ??

on tv it was walsall v grimsby i enjoyed it.
live aston villa v man united. it was great till we scored cos i was in with the villa fans and forgot where i was lol.

Country over club?


British Cup?

Oman vs. U.A.E...

Did manchedter united win on saturday 10 2007?

i watched the world cup final
italy won on penalties
as i was a dutch supporter and supported france on the match i haven't watched a match since
i watch highlights of man yoo matches these days

Im looking for good soccer goalkeeper workouts?

Barcelona vs Espanyol ( i think it was the last game i saw lol)

well basically i was delighted cuz first of all IVAN DE LA PENA was amazing, he was the midfield maestro, unlike Ronaldinho who wasn't that effective! Rufete, Luis Garcia and Raul Tamudo scored the 3 goals for Espanyol, it ended 3-1, watching Barca get bashed was close to watching Chelsea winning! but still not as good! lol well i was happy that Barca lost... and i was happier that Chelsea had won 4-0 the day b4! so a win for Chelsea and a loss for Barca!what more could i ask for?!?!lol :) ( PS: if i am not mistaken ur a Barca fan! )

What's the connection between Chelsea FC and celery?

I watched a bit of a repeat of the Arsenal v Bolton match...I try to catch as many games as I can, even if it is just in the background...It always makes me feel good, kind of an escape from life for 90 minutes.

How could David Dein turn his back on Arsenal after 23 years?

"I can not watch the sport final

Why do football managers always have their initials on their shirt/tracksuit?

it was on tv...milan vs reggina...milan won 3-1...i was happy not coz i like milan..but coz i like their players....kaka is

Is it true that C Ronaldo is negotiating with Real Madrid?

hi, IT"S ME!
anyways.the last game i watched was yesterday...Valencia vs. Getafe...and let me tell you something, it was shocking! i mean we lost 4-2! OMG! i started laughing...i dont know any of the players of Getafe but they played very damn, as for Valencia, i think the players were over confident...but probably the only thing that i enjoyed in the game was the first goal by David Villa that he scored straight from a corner-kick...he shot it and it touched a defender's leg and went in the goal...and the other goal was a header by R.Albiol...sad but true, WE LOST! but now we should focus on sunday's game vs. Real Socidad...

hey, you didn't add me yet! :)

Whos got the hardest fans?

Rennes - Marseille. it was a great game!! :)

How can I watch reliable live TV and especially live premier league football online with no charges?

I guess it was Arsenal vs Liverpool... Arsenal won and that's wat i care bout!!

Football predictions for todays matches 24th march help plz?

I watched the end of the Newcastle v. Birmingham match. Birmingham won 5-1, so it was a good game for Birmingham and a bad one for Newcastle. As for me, I really don't know...I didn't get to watch most of it, but I was sad that Newcastle lost in the end :(

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