A specific kind of cleat to..?

is there a indoor cleat? if not or whatever does it matter what kind of cleats you wear indoor??.. sooo you can wear cleats outdoor in indoor soocer.. you know with the fake grass.. i dont know i never played indoor soccer just outdoor.


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yes there are indoor soccer cleats.

If you are playing on artificial grass, you want very small rubber studs for maximum traction. You can pick from this selection:


If it is like a gym floor, you DEFF do not want to wear out side cleats. Chose an indoor cleat from this selection:


I use and love the samba for indoor. It is great on turf and gym floors.
This is a link to the actual shoe that I use:


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wen u play indoor socr, personally i play wit either indoor or turf shoes. you can find great deals on some websites or stores. u can get them from ur neighborhood socr stor or the internet. soccer.com supplies them as everyone showed u already, but i found a great pair of inddor boots on eastbay.com in the outlet section, i typed in "indoor shoes" and alot came up. yes some are as pricey as the regular cleat, but the ones i bot were original 110 on sale to 20 bucks coupon to reduce down to 10 bucks...100 dollars off? cant beat that, though the color was a tad ugly. but still the real deal is good enuf. well most websites supplying all sports gear shud hav SOME socr stuff, maybe not the BEST like soccer.com but some are on sale and good deals. you dont really need the T90 supremacyu indoor shoes, well becuz its indoor socr and thats probably not ur main sport so u dont hav to spend all that money...unless u are very wealthy, but still it doesnt hurt to save that extra feew bucks. u can even look for "turf soccer shoes" in ur websites and if there are good deals u can use that. i wudnt recommend cleats on indoor socr cuz it coud slow u down and it is quite dangerous to other players, and cleat are only for more friction on grass, but indoor socr has good friction

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I have played in an indoor league for a while and these are the shoes I wear:


they are exactly like a common nike outdoor boot, except without the cleats. I think they are great. they are really light and fit well. The laces are also on the side, so it makes your kicks more true. They just feel like regular outdoor cleats to me. They are also really inexpensive, at least compared to outdoor soccer shoes. i highly reccomend them.

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