Allerdice resigning could it be anything to do with the panorama on corruption in football?

I remember watching it. I am not saying it is the reason but does anybody think that could be the reason??


Who thinks england's soccer team rules?(if u do just say me and why)?

well...something is going on for sure..What with West Ham picking up that 5.5M fine, and there was something about that corrupt little shite at Pompey and his betfair with Allardyce walking looks like perhaps the * was about to hit the fan and he walked before he was pushed.

John Terry doesn't need to be paid?

you could have it my man. who really cares though, obviously the premier league dont, what's the big deal if managers make a few grand for themselves out of a deal. no-one could ever accuse big sam of neglecting his duties at bolton, i personally think what he has acheived for that club is nothing short of a miracle. also i heard that he was getting pissed of with sammy lee.

Who is this soccer guy Beckham who is going to play in the US?

no i think he is p'ss for not getting the england job

"Everyone knows Man Utd but don't you think that like Birmingham, Manchester should have a team called City?

I doubt it, I think it is more likely he already has another job lined up. Man City or Newcastle I have heard

Which pro football team has won it all 3 consecutive yrs?

i think its due to the fact that he is raeching thje pinnacle of the carreer and he has achieved a lot under atight budget look at how he brought the best out of davies and nolan and jahdi.I htink he maybe going manchester city next though it might be possible if Ray ranson take sover stuart poerce is a good coach but liket like southgate a little inexperience so maybe the sack is cmoing soon
i dinnt think it was anything on coprruption or bugies.In fact if this was so, he would have resigned or sacked by Bolton long ago although i think this is one of the raesons he was not selected by the FA for the england jon.He isa good manager.look at how he used his tatics against Chelsea.Moracvik.very witty and clever tactician like fergie a hardman disciplanian and alsoif he wnatr s to come to man utd to replace fergie if he retires he is all the more welcome though i prefer keane cantona and hughes
my personal opinions

Why are Brits so obsessed with Soccer (futbol) ?

Possibly but whatever the reason now`s the time to give Mcclaren his P45 and offer the job to big Sam.

The race for the Prem is tightening up...?

Still wrong it's Allardyce

What is wrong with the FA?

he thought he was going to get the man city job if they ever get taken over and resigned prematurely!

Who is going to replace McLaren?

I don't think so all I think is that he want the England job.


What does offside mean?

yes ,,he has made his money,,,now he is off

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