Allardyce quits as Bolton manager?

where will Big Sam go now ?


Best soccer match ever??

On holiday.The man deserves one.Bolton fans hang your heads.The man was a miracle worker!!

How do I go pro in soccer?


Liverpool song posably?

He will go home hopefully, it is tea time, he needs his tea to stay nice and strong.

I'm a member of a football club & we're going on tour to Sevilla May 2007 & need an amateur team to play. HELP

Man City in the summer.

I am in a hotel in Germany, and want to watch the England Spain game. Where can i watch it (bar/tv channel)?

elland road,please

Is Austine J J Okocha a moslem if yes what is his name?

Replace Sir Alex at Man U next season? Sir Alex has been talking about quitting a while ago. Sam Allardyce is capable of doing the job.

btw, Sir Alex want to give Big Sam a hug and one, no, two kisses for holding Chelsea to a draw yesterday.

Update : L'Enfant - Sven Erik Troublesome don't deserve any job in any of the English clubs, after all the troubles he created, on and off the field.

Does soccer have a begining and an ending?

am thinking wesham,probably.

Who won in the soccer game usa or mexico?

shocking. absolutely shocking.

reports filtering in says big sam might be interested at the vacant post in man citeh.

anyone fancy svennis goran eriksson for bolton?

When do the FA cup final tickets go on sale?

chelsea,be glad to see the back of that smarmy knobhead mourinho.

What's one baseball team that never made it to the finals?

Man City :)

Where can I buy the Bolton Wanderers Gray Away Jersey?

Leeds Utd, they need him and God now.

Felice Colombo the president of AC Milan from 1977-80 is in life imprisonment?

it is all very strange. maybe mcclaren's on his way out (fingers crossed). He's been linked with man city but has anyone told stuart pearce?
He didn't say anything much in his statement.

Are Wigan Athletic fans a disgrace for leaving the JJB Stadium en masse 5 minutes before the end of the match?

hell, oh no wait, he just left there

What is the name of the dog that belongs to Jose Mourinho?

looks like city phil brown to take over maybe come on bolton

When will harry kewell be back from injury?

Become an MP. He has a track record for back hand dodgy dealings, he'd fit in well.

Only kidding. I think he will do a good job wherever he goes, as long as he gets a bit of cash from the chairman. It would be nice to see him at one of the big four, but I think they are safe for quite a while yet.

Do you guys belief this article/rumour??

As a Boltoner, I am upset that he has gone. Man C are not going to reach the heights that Bolton have, I think that he is looking at Newcastle-don't know why though! After watching Jimmy Hill's Supplement on SKY this morning, they were suggesting that he went to Spain, I think that this will be good for him. You never know, Real Madrid want a new manager

Just got back from work, who won, man u ?

Panathinaikos F.C.

Does anyone else think Chelsea sucks?

He will head south to the sun and big money ! Fulham might need a manger soon ! Or he will hang on and wait for us not to get to the eruo's next year and take the england job ?

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