A good site to follow soccer??

Im getting into it. and i cant find any user friendly sites to follow futbol. ie: Brackets, scores, big names. I would like to find something that tracks all leagues of soccer? or the major ones at least. let me know if you can help


Which country hosted FIFA world cup 1990 ?


Do u think david beckham will do good for L.A galaxy should he be payed $1.3 m a week?


Where can i find/buy posters of soccer stars in Singapore?


Do english football stars like Beckham Rooney Owen Gerrard and other football stars like cricket?


Will Liverpool Be Able Retain The Title?

fsc.com and goal tv

Whats up with england?


Who knows if andres guardado is going to manchester united?

espn soccernet is user friendly
www.uefa.com is also pretty good.

Honduras Or Costa Rica in a Soccer Game with all their bestplayers Who would win and wat would be the score ??

You can try Yahoo Sports for starters...But with that, the information you get depends on what region of yahoo (ex: yahoo spain or yahoo UK). Different regions will have different categories, such as the Champions League or the Scottish Premier League.

Do you think penalty knockout, or more extra time is the fairest way to decide the end of a tied match?



Who is better Van Persie or Bergkamp ?


Is barcelona going to play against Saudi team al ittihad?

foxsports.com or just keywords on the portals and follow the links,
it's endless and cool. It's amazing! And still some people think Football Soccer doesn't rule!

Who wrote the manchester united calypso song and when?

bbc sport!

Carling cup final?

to watch football www.live-footy.org
I like goalzz.com

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