A lot of good players end up warming benches at their respective clubs...WHY ??

Question:A lot of good players are warming benches at their respective clubs.esp the biggies like MAN UTD, CHELSEA, LIVERPOOL, BARCELONA, INTER MILAN, REAL MADRID etc etc

Dont you think seeing all these top rated players on the bench is bad for soccer ?
Why dont they join clubs where they can play 90 mins & showcase their talent ?? But instead they join a big name club & end up warming benches

Dont u think players like SHEVA,SAVIOLA, RAUL,CASSANO, RONALDO, CRUZ, RECOBA,SANTA CRUZ should join another club to show their true worth ??

I have always admired Robbie Baggio.he has always chosen clubs where he showed his true worth.even at clubs like BOLOGNA & BRESCIA ..he was pure magic !!!!!

Your comments...plzzz ?? :-)


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The teams coach is the guilty one! well, maybe in the international leagues they are only 85% guilty, anyway yes players like those don't need to put up with such treatment, they should try other opportunities expand their horizons, change for them is good most of the time, what's up with ronaldo too, it's sad how the world turns on players who still have talent! It must be a difficult situation, only the ones with strongest characters continue to prove themselves no matter what...that's one of the things I admire about David Beckham! and you are so right about Baggio!

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...because they are behind the better & the best.

Are the french bad losing bunch of tossers ?

bcoz when they tell their respective coaches that they r goin to quit then the managers or the coaches do not allow them to play coz they pleed them to play and they do not listen so the main cause is revenge and they r not allowed to play

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you mentioned saviola. well, I’m a barca fan and i like saviola a lot and personally, I think he would have been better off going to another club when he had the chance (just as long as its not espanyol). he hasn’t seen much action bec. rijkaard obviously favors eto’o and with good reason, he’s smashing, but an inconsistent and fatigued gudjohnsen (ex-eto'o) over a rested saviola for several games running? not v. wise.

i think saviola's pretty good: river plate trophies, golden ball + golden boots in one world youth championship, decent playing seasons, high work rate, hardworking, good attitude, loyal to barca, etc.etc. I don’t know what’s missing. they bought the guy for 33 mil plus, used him for a couple of seasons, loaned him out, benched him, yet when his contract ran out, he still decides to stay. he’s not entirely without options, a good number of clubs want him but he stucked it out with barca, on the bench, with all his talent and potential. If it’s not for the money then maybe it’s commitment. shouldn’t they at least reward him with a bit more playing time, if not this season then the next??

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Because man is greedy. They would rather sit on the bench at a big club and earn loads of cash rather than actually work for less money at a smaller club.

Sad but true.

Dont you think leeds utd should apoint a new manager like david o leary he was the best?

wouldn't you be happy doing nothing and earning mega money?

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