After Ronaldo signs with Red Bull, who is the next big star coming to U.S. soccer?

Figo in Boston? Zidane?


Who are the most famous Football players of the UK?

Edgar Davids to Dallas

Irons fans, what would you prefer?

Ronaldo and Beckham are not big stars anymore. Both of them have already played their best days of soccer in the past. They are looking to maintain an air of superiority late in their careers and have decided that since they can'y get any better, that the will just play where the competition is worse.

Whos gonna win the FA cup?

it is david beckam joining galaxy stars

Free kick wall?


Who is a better player david beckham,cristiano ronaldo or fabio canovara?

Ronaldo is most likely heading to Milan :[ Figo is already going to some club in Saudi Arabia and Zidane is retired and most likely will not come out of retirement. I think Becks is good for now...It would've been cool to have Ronaldo play in the MLS as he is not wanted by Capello anymore.Some brasilian footballer just recently signed with D.C. United...

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