2007 English Premier League Champions?

Question:Can anybody disagree that United has had an amazing season? With all of the injuries and such, it feels better. And I was glad to see Nemanja Vidic back against City.

Nice try, Chelski fans.


Wayne rooney have real talents??

that's not a bad pic mate...not bad at all...

we have been by far the best team this year....we fully deserve to be winners. i'm so proud of my boys and fergie...

onto wembley!!

i smell a 3rd dddddouuuubbbbbbblllllllllleee...


How many years will it take for other English clubs to even compare with Liverpool?

ManU were just awesome the whole season & they deserve to win it. Glad Everton will atleast make it to the UEFA Cup I hope so!

What is your favorite soccer club?

Man U have been great all season. It's amazing that they were able to maintain the lead even though many of their players (Vidic, Neville, Saha, etc.) were out injured. But that's what makes them such a great team!!

Who was the drama king and the biggest looser during Arsenal-Man U match?

Well no one can disagree about it.

There is a few slip ups, versus A.Villa , Portsmouth, injuries to key players etc and yet Chelski didnt take advantage of this.

Man Utd truly deserved this. Well, Man Utd sent the EPL trophy to London for polishing for 2 whole years, its about time they send it back to its rightful owner...

Who needs a sugar daddy to pump in millions to a club just to win a League Cup?

For How Many MIllion Dollars Did Shcevchenko Move From Ac Milan To Chelsea?

indeed tosh, man utd deserve the title!

glory man utd.

nice pic, did you montage it yourself?

What was the highest score ever in a football match (FA or international)?


Do u think Jose Mourinho will continue with Chelsea next season ?

Booooooooooo! You will get your account at the Bridge!! and such a try by ManU players on the Wembley ground also will be insufficient to move the Chelsea team after the superb display of 11v10 against an Arsenal team that have beaten ManU twice!

With america beating denmark 3-1, is this a good sign for the 2010 world cup and other international play?

And 2007 FA Cup winners. You Chelsea fans can keep on dreaming about winning the cup, that;s totally harmless. We saw you John Terry last night. He won't be able to stop our stars in the attacking line and more over our injured players will be totally prepared by then,so BEWARE!

Would you consider this racist?

Of course Man Utd deserve it man! No doubt about tat.

Credit to the lads for having been able to keep the momentum going despite the team being stretched to its limits when we had the injuries.

Moreover you have to remember that our squad was in a transition phase with the departure of Becksy, Keano and so on.

Who would have imagined that Man Utd would score most goals than any other team after havind sold Nistelrooy?? Man Utd have scored the most away goals as well.

This just sums up this amazing season, barring a few blips at Portsmouth and West Ham (which I would say is typical of ManU, failing to beat some of the so-called small teams).

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