Aaron lennon, ricardo quaresma, theo walcott, matew taylor, carlos tevez. what do you like to chelsea?

Question:aaron lennon (tottenhan)
ricardo quaresma (porto)
theo walcott (arsenal)
matew taylor (portsmouth)
carlos tevez (west ham)


Assuming all potential candidates are fit and available, which two players should start in the England attack?

chelski maybe interested with quaresma

If Frank Lampard 8 Is The Future of English Football...?

"What do you like to Chelsea?"

Who says football fans are thick?

United fans, can you be magnanimous in victory?

as much as i hite to say it aaron lennon (tottenham bcuz he is very fast spurs fan by the way

Longest amount of stoppage time...?

And your question is...?

What do u think about Nemanja Vidic (MU) ? Did u know a team where he became a star?

If your question is which one of these players Chelsea would buy,i would have to say Theo Walcott.

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