ACMILAN or liverpool??


How can i watch all the games of the italian football legaue (Serie A) in london?

I am tipping Liverpool becuase of what they did to ac milan some time ago we should rememeber that three goals to neil but later we all saw what happens although i am a fan of manchester united but i think Liverpool stands for more pool in action therefore they can do something to take the cup as they did to them the other time hahaha it is LIverpool on the way now. Hey i am not being ba. ..cause my team was nocked out by the same milan but i am being frank with Liverpool since they are also in the premiership good luck Liver.pool!!!! and well wishes.

Who is the best footballer in the world?


What ever happened 2 robbie fowler?

it's all ways Liverpool

What Manchester Utd players do they need to bring in to have a chance of winning the Premiership next season?

hihihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii man acmilan of course .

Who is greater?PELE or MARADONA?

AC Milan

How much is a ticket to get into the Old Trafford, the theater of the dreams :D?

AC Milan definitely. They have a much stronger squad and far more consistent than Liverpool.

Who has been the world's best football coach of the last 15 years?

If you're talking about the C1 final, then I will choose no one since only a fool will be able to predict the winner in the end!

Who will win tonights game middlesbrough V man utd??

It's hard to choose between those two but I bet Milan will definitely wants revenge.

If you had the choice to score the winning goal in the world cup final or save your wife?

liverpool,liverpool. we showed how good we were 2 years ago and we will do it again because we are spimly the best

Can someone explain the selling of soccer players?

Liverpool WON'T be down by three at the half this time!

Who else thinks that Ashley Young being worth nearly 10m is Madness!?

AC Milan's overall performance in Europe is more impressive than Liverpool. However, Liverpool won AC Milan in 2005(penalties). Based on current form, I think that AC Milan will win. They will want to take revenge for that loss.

What will the final score be in Aston Villa vs Everton?


Today what time is Chelsea's match in India?


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