ALong with the football team you support/ like most, do you have any other teams you like and why?

Question:MIne are as follows. 1st - doncaster rovers ( lived there most)
2nd - qpr ( grew up in the trevor sinclair / ferdidnand era) ,3rd stoke city ( liked the kit as a nipper). So as long as rovers get nto play offs with stoke, and qpr stay up, ill be feelin sound


Brazil vs Portugal Int'l friendly - what was the dance song played in between the halves?

Spurs Fan, but also like the following teams to do well when not playing Spurs:
Liverpool, Watford (where I now live), Barnet (near where I used to live), Palace, Northampton, and generally whoever is playing against Arsenal!

Who was it that predicted it would be Milan 13-0?

am I the only guy in uk that doesnt like football, why is everyone so fascinated by it

How do u romans feel??

nope one club and one country intill i die, i have other teams that i look for there results but its a bit far fetched to say that i support those clubs, so i dont have a top 5 of my fav clubs, one club only. STAND FREE

Where can i watch the luton derby match online for free?

everton` blue for life
i like leeds i know they are weel at the bottom of the championship but have alil faith they are a big club

One of man utd fan insult me cos i said COME ON CHELSEA?in your opinoin what should i do.?

My 1st team is Stoke(lived in stoke all my life) but I also love Man united because my dad used to take me to see them all the time when I was younger.(he was from Manchester).

In soccer/ futbol/ what player has the best hair style?

This is one of the easier Questions to answer.
1st is Manchester United. Why because they are the best.
2nd Liverpool. Why because they are nearly the best
3rd Tottenham Hotspur. Why Because they will not lay down and die.

What is the best way to get a sponsor for a sports team?

rotherham 3rd (born there)
torquay2nd(lived there most of life)
man utd 1st (next door neighbour took me to old trafford when i was a kid)

I'm not a chelsea fan but i feel chelsea will rule the world within 5 years?

Well I support Everton cause the family do and before any liverpool fans have a go at me if it wasnt for everton there would be no liverpool - trust me look it up ;)
I also support Scotland - cause half my family is scottish then if they are not playing then England.
But im more of rugby fan come on you saints (but im the worst sort of saints fan as I use to be a wigan fan -gasp dam fiance and no more martin afire)

Which is the best football management game?

Southend United!

Come on you Shrimpers!!!

Whats wrong with thierry henry this season. why isnt he destroying other teams any more. is he getting too old

Yep! Spurs thru and thru BUT - I admire Arsenal greatly!

I admire the way that they have managed to gather together football players from around the world into a team that in UNISON ...can dive, cheat, whine, moan, groan, kick other players to bits and then whine that they are getting kicked AND GET AWAY WITH IT!! And, they learnt all this from their manager - wicked and amazing that they all speak the same cheating language!

Which team is Frank Lampard is in?

i used to like Bromsgrove but they got relegated from the conference then relegated again so dont know where they have gone!

Ronaldo player of the year?

My favorite club is Man United. Next I like Arsenal because they play a beautiful game. Their passes are really superb. I also like Chelsea because it is where Drogba plays and I like him very much.

What you think of that 45 mins of tripe?

Can't get past the Toon ( although they really upset me last night-pathetic) but if I was to have another, it would have to be Spurs, because their style of play has always been attractive.

Does anyone remember the name of the NASL goalkeeper who scored a goal on a punt?

I support two teams - Cardiff City
and whoever Swansea are playing.

Are any soccer teams coming to the U.S. any time soon, like 2007?

I've been going to charlton since i was 7,over 30 years now,but Gillingham were my local team,so i'm always interested in them.

How many people here don't support a club from there country?

Huddersfield Town, because my kids were born there.
Barnet, because they are now my local team.

Can everybody now refer to by my name?

I'm a Manchester United supporter, because I'm a die hard "Glory Hunter." They were successful when I was growing up. I support Newcastle UNITED, Leeds UNITED and Sheffield UNITED. I think you know why I suuport them. I support West Ham because they live in the area and Norwich City because I love Norfolk even though I've never been to Norwich.

Where is paul merson now ?

FC UTD. They made a stand and they are playing not too bad as well.

Ronaldo meets Madrid officials.?

Burnley supporter and the only other English team I look out for is St. Helens Town because thats where I'm from.

Though I don't particularly follow the teams I have a soft spot for the following in other countries

Celtic (Scotland) because everyone else I know seems to follow Rangers,
TNS (Wales) The New Saints because of St.Helens RLFC mainly,
River Plate (Argentina) because everyone else I know seems to follow Boca Juniors,
Botafogo and Flamengo (Brazil) went watching them in Brazil,
Paralimni (Cyprus) play in Claret

Can Charlton avoid the drop?

I love to watch arsenal play, they play some nice football... I know, how can i say that. I support football what can i say..



I am trying out for soccer and I don't know what position I should try out for forward are halfback.?

Man u (Been a life long fan 30+ years)
Sheffield wednesday because i try to see them as much as i can with my mate.

Do you think ronaldinho should stay at FC Barcelona? Or go to another club?

First and always till I die Liverpool, that's where I live.

Second and always till I die Celtic,because, I'm Irish up the hoops

and just for my B.F i will always shout for Man city unless their playing Liverpool,because to show my love.

love Pixie.

I need help getting a URL to FSI!?

No. Never. Not even England are close to my beloved Liverpool.

Who is the best soccer player of all time and what team did he play for, and what year did he started to play?

I just love AC Milan. The follows clubs are
Arsenal -they play great and they will be better when the boys grow up.

FIFA 07 is such a hard game to play...?

For the most part, I have a reason to respect each and every team. But there are a select few that I do prefer over others:

In England...
1/ Liverpool, being my favorite, obviously is 1st.
2/ Newcastle, would be 2nd. Michael Owen is my favorite player, and I have also come to love the club and fan spirit.
3/ I also like Fulham because of the American players (I am American myself).

Outside of England I like Valencia (Big fan of David Villa) and Bayern Munich (big fan of Owen Hargreaves & Willy Sagnol).

England Football Team and their fans.?

the best teams:
2.manchester united
3. barcelona
4. A C millian
5 Arsenal
6. Wisla Krakow (poland team)

Maradona or Pele?

1. support them its a family tradition
2. barca
dont call me a glory supporter Ronny is 1 of my best players and when i started supporting barca they drew to Bremen and lost to r Madrid and Chelsea
lost they play very attractive football
3. ac Milan= kaka plays for them

have a nice weekend

Anyone know where the 2007 FA Cup Final is being played?

To me you simply cant support more than one team thats just weird. Im QPR through and through ,England very poor 2nd. But thanks for saying you like qpr, you know that makes sense.

Which footballer played in England,Germany,Spain and Italy?

Ipswich Town..the one at heart!

i also like arsenal...but ipswich to me will always be the best!

What is your favorite soccer team and player?

I support Newcastle and Newcastle only I hate people who are glory supporters and people who say they are football fans but have never went to a game

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