<<< What is your favorite number ?>>>?


Is Messi's goal today the best goal in history?

7 ( and I like 3, 4, 10, 13, 14, 666 ). But why is that intresting?!

Are CHELSEA going to win the league?

10 is my favorite # for Ronaldinho!!!!!!!!...


23 =]

You thinks arsenal should go and play in the french league.?

I believe that any # you wear you make it special and best.Though my favorite #is 10 only the best wear it.I also like #1 goalies #.Memo ochoa wears#1.

Why are spurs called yido's?


How do i find a football club in singapore in order to exhibit my soccer skills?

7 and 17

Is any Football Player really worth £128 million.I dont think so?

#7 and #19

Can you start playing soccer at 14 years old.?

well mine is 7, but the common 1's are 3,7,8,10,12,17,21,23,27

Are you a relaxed person?


Anyone know the kick-off time for the Scotland v Costa Rica U20 World cup game in Vancouver , July 7th?

never play a single game without a 7 on my back
i used it for soccer, volleyball and football.

Trouble in seville! and this time i think the english are too blame?

3 is the magic number!

Arsenal Team Photos... how many can you find and can you pop the links to me please ?

10 and 11.
11 for Joe Cole when he plays for Englands National team
10 for Michael Owen on Newcastle
10 for Joe Cole on Chelsea FC
13 for Michael Ballack on the German National team
21 for Peter Crouch on the England National team

almost feels like bad luck to play volleyball without 11 on my back. that and my Chelsea FC braclet.


If Beckham isn't in it for the money can he let me have it?

17 Before was Figo and Cristiano also my birthdate
and sometimes 7

Who played right back for qpr in the 1967 league cup final?

17 was my football jersey number growing up, so I'd say 17. And Cristiano wears 17 now for Portugal so that makes me like the # even more. Plus, I'm 17 (har har)

Does anyone know the name of the song that is played before most premiership matches?


Do u know the following users?

7 and 9

Who would you like 2 c in the semis of the Champions League to be?

5! My Favourite!

What are the timings of live football matches of epl today and they are on which channel ? starsports or espn

Since I was a kid, my number was 7.

When I use to play baseball, my lucky number is 7 & always will be.

Please MATCH the following?

My favorite number "23".

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