Allan Ball RIP?

not really a question. but would like to pay my respect to a great player ,winner of the 1966 world cup final and played for everton, arsenal and started is career at my beloved club blackpool fc who died last night RIP Allan Ball m.b.e


Beckham to LA...Your thoughts?

God bless x

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That was a shock when I saw that in the paper today, He forgot about his bonfire because he was watching Man Utd v AC Milan,

What brand soccer cleats should you buy?

We are in his debt - the man was a legend.

Which goal will be the goal of the season?

Super midfielder, lovely looking and too young to die.

Professional football grounds with cricket pitches next to them?

Hear, hear, and very nice of you to think of recording it. Sympathy to all his family and friends.

The best premierships foreign player?

Taken from us so young as well. RIP Alan xx

Does anyone else think Jose Mourinho is really hot?

I've been out of touch from football for a while- thanks for the shocking piece of news.

Gemma atkinso and cristiano dateing? or is it just a rumor?

Alan was a great player even if he did at one time play for the team down the road from mine, he was a good manager and we had some exciting years with him at Fratton Park when he came back for a second go he saved us from virtual oblivion and we have not really looked back since

He has to be one of the very few footbal players who will be missed by both sets of supporters from my team (Portsmouth) and our biggest rivals (Southampton)

Looks like Bobby Morre has got his first team mate to play in his fantasy world cup 11 up there

God bless you Alan, thanks for everything, we are always in your debt

MCFC... what the *?

Bally was a great English player, we need more like him at the moment.

How many FA cup finals has Chelsea won and when?


Should Frank Lampard still be playing for England?

A true English legend no matter who you support condolences to all his family and friends well said Wayne RIP indeed

Who is the best national team in Africa?

My regards to all his family and close friends at this time, a true Englishman, a man before a footballer.

It's Zinedine Zidane legend?

Great little player, will be sadly missed and fondly remembered...

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