After Toronto, where do you think MLS will expand next?

Also, Will they finally adopt a single table?


Wut is the best way to develop soccer skills, especially ball control n shootin?

they should put a team back in the San Francisco / San Jose area. Florida would be a good choice as well.

I am from a small town-Nainital.i am a really good football player. How can i get into a decent club -i am 13?

heard talks about st louis
and no they wont adopt a single table. americans likes playoffs. it gives a team that started the season slow still be champs.

Do you think I should do what my dad wants me to?

There is a rumor going on for the last few months that there will put another team back in San Jose,which will be probably a sister club from a team in the Mexican Primera League, and I don't think they will adopt a single table because there is something about conferences (east / west) in the U.S.I don't think they will get use to it, yet.

I heard that Chivas USA is currently negotiating with French soccer star, Zizou. Do you think he'll agree?

There is talk of a team in Phoenix. Mexico vs. USA drew 64,000. Huge interest in soccer around Phoenix

When you `re playing soccer in the field, you play a bit like.?

I think they should have a team in FL. More preferrably though, I'd like to see the same kind of setup like most other places with the different leagues and relegation and promotion. So, I think they should include the USL and etc. I think having more teams in more places would definitely help make the sport more popular here.

Why isn't Allessandro Mancini in the Brazilian squad?

I would like to see a team in Atlanta. We have a very large Hispanic community, and given Garber's plan to strengthen the league in the Hispanic community, Atlanta would make a lot of sense. Plus, there aren't any MLS teams in the deep south.

No single table in the near future. I think the adoption of the Supporters Shield is evidence that MLS prefers the divisional orgainization.

Is the MLS catching on in your city?

St. Louis... and it's about time.

As cool as it might be, a single table won't happen in the US because the country is so large and the fans there prefer playoffs.

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