After today's result is the Premiership really the best in Europe or have we benefited from Italian teams bein

g kicked out?


Who is better cristiano ronaldo, kaka or ronaldinho? and why?

still can't argue with the fact that there were 3 english clubs in the semis...

How can i make up for my height and size in soccer?

I have never subscribed to the fact that Premiership is the best in the world! This is all poppy c0ck and sooner English teams realise this the better it would be. Liverpool have a chance to win it again if they play as they did against Chelsea!!

Which clubs have the top five highest average attendances in the premier league?

I think this year England have Proved to be the dominant brand of football and Liverpool have proven to be the most suited to Europe.

About the Italians, I feel they shouldn't have to cheat, I mean they had good teams but still felt the need to cheat, It's completely insane!

What are the best players of these english and scothish teams?

Neither, I think. The Prem is the most exciting league, but not technically the best in terms of skill ( that has to be Spain ).
As far as the Italian situation goes..only Juventus are missing from the CL this year because of the ban, and remember that Milan are having the same sort of season as Liverpool...they have been able to concentrate on the CL for months now because they are out of contention for Serie A.

Who do you think is the best soccer player in the Premier League?

The Premiership is twice the league Serie A is... Premiership has better quality, better style and better players... But Italians have tactics and organisation skills that are a bit better so that is why they are successful...

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I think the strenght of a league is determined by the number of different teams that have qualified for CL, in England its the Big four, in Italy its 5/6 different teams over the last 4 years, in Spain its 8 different teams.

Not only show the quality of the league as they often do well, but its a more competitive league.

Don't you find that most of the teams also have more national players than foriegners.

Football stuff?

if liverpool can win they will represent the premiere ship best only the final counts not the semi

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A few weeks ago you could have said the opposite when Man Utd thrashed Roma 7-1 and Roma are 10 points ahead of Milan in Serie A.

I think Milan got their tactics right and Man Utd looked tired. England has 4 of the best 10 teams in Europe, beyond that Spurs, Newcastle, Bolton looked inexperienced in the UEFA.

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