$ 1 million per week ?

As well as sending me a few 'notes' what would you suggest Beckham did with the money he really isn't going to the States for ?


Hello utd fans?

He's going to use it to get himslelf a better agent

If Italy played Brazil today who would win??

give it to me

Which footballer has played against previous clubs in every round of the CL?

Perhaps he'll use it to make sure that his children are well looked after when he's gone.

If I was in the position to command that kind of salary then I would. We are all just getting jealous because we can't earn that much.

What team is the best arsenal or man utd or chelsea or charlton?

He should start by doing an honesty course to go along with his religion... he should then start giving most of it (I would suggest 90% - that still leaves him with 10% of a million that is a lot of money!) and give it in turn, one a week to every charity in the UK, starting by the smallest and ending with the largest, he could go by categories: old age, children, hospitals - you name it, he's got more than enough money for them all!! Truly sickening if you ask me!

How many people will visit south africa during the 2010 fifa world cup. when u answer pls leave a reference!?

I bet Posh will get through her fair share of it.

Who is a better forward Adriano, Crespo or Zlatan Ibrohomovic?

spend it. he only gets paid what people want to pay him. good for him. though i guess nurses wouldnt agree. but thats entertainment for you.

Which 3 Premiership Managers do you hate and like the most?

Get rid of posh, she's a right dog !

Who is first man in the world?

His wife will spend most of it, ha ha ha. Hopefully he sets his kids up for a long time and maybe do some charitable tax deductions... oh I mean contributions. Whatever is left is his to spend as he wants. He has hyped himself up enough to demand such a salary. I can't believe LA paid him that much considering professional soccer really isn't a big deal with the majority of the US. ( except another sport for their kids to play while in grade school) Maybe it will draw more attention to the sport.

What song reminds you of which football player?

lol i hope to get only 2 dollars from them hehehe

Back to soccer .. how to train?

Enjoy it and try to keep the IRS away from it.....

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